How Do I Manage Multiple PPC Accounts in One ADS Account?


While Amazon's MWS tokens are tied to specific regions and to specific accounts, their PPC token is not. Currently, there is only one PPC token, and Amazon doesn't integrate separate regions' or secondary accounts' advertising APIs. Therefore, sellers who are selling in more than one region or with more than one account, need to find a way to patch together the multiple accounts so they can view them together inside the ADS platform of one Helium 10 account.

The primary problem stems from Amazon's user rules which do not allow the same user and email address to access PPC for more than one account. Therefore, the only way this workaround can be used is if the email login you are using for the main account is not the same as the email login used for the secondary account that you are trying to view.

The solution is to create a unique Amazon user sub-account in the secondary account, using the same email address used to login to the main account. Below are the instructions to grant Campaign Management access to the new user to see the second account's PPC data.

1. Sign into the secondary account you would like to add through Seller Central. Choose the marketplace from the drop-down menu.


2. Once you're in the account for the secondary region, hover your cursor over the Settings link in the top right side of the dashboard. Let the drop-down window open and click on User Permissions to open its window.


3. In the User Permissions window, find the fields where you can type in a new user's name and email address.


4. Create a new user using the same email used to login to your primary account to your User Permissions and click the Send Invitation button.


5. The invitation will go to the new user's email with instructions to accept access.


6. When the new user clicks on the link, it will take them to Amazon's Seller Central Sign-In page. They need to sign in with the assigned email and use the same password used to login to the primary account.


7. After the invitation is accepted, log back into the secondary account where you added the new user and give them View/Edit permissions for Campaign Management. Click on the Manage Permissions button next to the user's name and email.


8. Scroll down the Manage Permissions page to the section titled Advertising. Click the white button under View and Edit. The button must turn blue to show it's activated.


To find the newly added account, go to the drop-down menu in the top right corner of ADS and select that account to see its data.


If you sell in multiple regions and marketplaces, you may need to do this several times. Once the steps have been completed, Helium 10 will be able to access and populate the past 60 days of PPC data for each region into one ADS account. It may take several hours for the new data to populate.

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