How Do I Install and Navigate the Chrome Extension? An Introduction and Overview



As the leading provider of Amazon seller tools, Helium 10 takes pride in not only helping define success for entrepreneurs, but also making success more attainable for all. Having a "portable toolbox" at your disposal completely changes the way you go about market research.

With the Helium 10 Chrome Extension, gain insights into a product's profits, FBA fees, review data, inventory, and more, all while on the Amazon site. This is the most used chrome extension for Amazon sellers in the world, and the extension is currently running on half a million computers.

I. Installing the Chrome Extension


1. Go to This link/url takes you directly to the Chrome Extension download page in the Chrome Web Store.

2. Click on the Add to Chrome button.

Once successfully added to Chrome, the Helium 10 extension will appear in the far, upper-right hand corner of your browser.  It may be grayed out because the extension is designed to work on the Amazon site. 


3. Click on the icon again to activate the full functionality of the extension, including authorizing it to work on and In the pop-up window, click the Enable button to permit the extension to also work on Alibaba and the Shopify sites.


4. Helium 10 will request the additional permissions in the next pop-up window. Click Allow.


Now, when you sign into Helium 10 and go to Amazon (or Alibaba or Shopify), you can use the extension to research products. Let’s continue to take a tour of the main features and tools inside the Chrome Extension.


II. Navigating the Chrome Extension


After you install and activate the Helium 10 Chrome Extension the icon will be active in your toolbar when you are on the Amazon site. The icon allows you to access the tools inside the extension like Xray and Profitability Calculator, but even without opening the extension from the toolbar, you’ll immediately see new product information displayed on the search results pages and the product pages. 

1. Amazon Search Results Pages

The Chrome Extension works on Amazon search pages. In this example, the search results displayed are for the search term ‘coffin shelf.’

Some of the additional product data showing on the search results page include each product’s BSR, whether it is sold FBA or MFN, and how many sellers are selling it on Amazon.

The first thing to notice are the Helium 10 widgets, which will seamlessly appear on every Amazon listing. These widgets introduce or link to additional data so users can begin to evaluate the strength of any given listing on the Amazon marketplace instantly. 


For example, for this search term, we can see that the product Manny’s Mysterious Oddities Coffin Shelf is currently ranking #300 in the Floating Shelves category and #56,526 in the Home & Kitchen category, that it is FBA, and that there are two sellers.


When a user opens the Chrome Extension drop-down window from the icon in the toolbar, they can see that on a search results page, they can run Xray and ASIN Grabber. The other tools are grayed out because they only work on product pages.


On the product results page, click the Helium 10 chrome extension, then click Xray.

Xray gives you access to valuable data including:

  • Sales figures
  • Estimated FBA fees
  • Review count
  • Number of active sellers
  • Fulfillment method
  • BSR (Best Sellers Rank)

Xray works on both Amazon search results and product pages, as well as Best Sellers pages. 


Clicking on the first button opens Xray, one of Helium 10’s important product research tools. The top level data displays an average of the data for all the products listed in the chart. This data can be reviewed, edited down to only the products relevant to your search, and downloaded for further analysis.


Within the Xray window, users can also click on the Find Suppliers on Alibaba button to extend their research seamlessly to find similar products available for sourcing from 


Alternatively, on the site, the Helium 10 Chrome Extension lets you search the site using the same keyword to pull up similar data provided by the Supply Finder while the user was on


Inside the Chrome Extension drop-down menu on, click on Demand Analyzer to easily compare data on the Amazon site, by pulling up its search volume and product sales data from Xray.


Xray also works on product pages, as does ASIN Grabber. Let’s look at the second product research tool located in the powerful Chrome Extension.

ASIN Grabber

ASIN Grabber offers users data from a deeper search, reaching through the first several pages of the search results. The advantage of using this tool is that users can quickly scan, identify and download ASINs for advanced research inside Black Box, or to use in a PPC campaign.



2. Amazon Product Pages

All of the tools in the Helium 10 Chrome Extension operate on the product pages, but the ones that also work on the results page offer additional data on specific products when they are run on product pages. First, though, like on the search results pages, the extension loads key data about the product for users.



When the user opens the drop-down Chrome Extension menu, they will be able to use all of the tools on the product page.



When a user opens Xray on a product page, it displays the product data exclusively for that product. But it also has the Find Suppliers on Alibaba button, so it’s easy to check on potential manufacturers on the site, and identify likely cost data, an important consideration when a seller is trying to decide whether a product is worth selling.


ASIN Grabber

One of the popular reasons users like to run ASIN Grabber on a product page is to capture data about who is competing and advertising head-to-head with a specific product.


Users can collect data on either the Sponsored Products, or the Frequently Bought Together products, or both. ASIN Grabber conveniently sorts them in the Origin column. In this window, users can edit down the list and/or copy-and-paste the ASINs, or download the data.


From here on out, the rest of the tools in the Chrome Extension (Profitability Calculator, Inventory Levels, and Review Insights) only work on single Amazon product pages.

Profitability Calculator

The Profitability Calculator allows for quick financial assessments of a products’ earnings potential.

Profitability Calculator pulls information from the listing and gives you an interactive set of fields to enter your own data. 

Want to see how different dimensions will affect shipping costs? Plug it in.

Need to see how adjusting your manufacturing cost will affect your ROI? Plug it in.


Inventory Levels

Inventory Levels shows you how many units are in stock for a given seller. This information can help sellers determine how many different sellers stock the product, and whether any of them are running out of stock, which could be a good time to push ads and try to capture the Buy Box.


Review Insights

Gone are the days of manually searching through endless pages of reviews. Review Insights allows you to download reviews and reveal the most common phrases that appear in all reviews.


This Amazon chrome extension is the perfect place to start your Helium 10 journey and to learn the tools that will take your brand to the next level.


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