Helium 10 Chrome Extension PRO Training: Introduction and Overview



As the leading provider of Amazon seller tools, Helium 10 takes pride in not only helping define success for entrepreneurs, but also making success more attainable for all. Having a "portable toolbox" at your disposal completely changes the way you go about market research.

With the Helium 10 chrome extension, gain insights into profits, FBA fees, review data, inventory, and more all without ever leaving the comfort of your browser. This is the most used chrome extension for Amazon sellers in the world.


1. Go to helium10.com/extension
2. Click “add to Chrome

Once successfully added to Chrome, the Helium 10 extension will appear in the far, upper-right hand corner of your browser. Keep in mind, you can only use this extension when you are on the Amazon site.


The first thing you may notice are the Helium 10 widgets, which will seamlessly appear on every Amazon listing you visit.


These widgets are a great way to visualize data and evaluate the strength of any given listing on the Amazon marketplace.Let’s discover how to access the Chrome Extension data.

3. Go to www.amazon.com and search for any product.
4. On the product results page, click the Helium 10 chrome extension, then click Xray.


Xray gives you access to valuable data such as:

  • Sales figures
  • Estimated FBA fees
  • Review count
  • Number of active sellers
  • Fulfillment method
  • BSR (Best Sellers Rank)
  • A lot more (see our Xray Pro Training Video)


5. The second tool located inside the Chrome Extension is ASIN Grabber.


This tool is perfect for product targeting ads and doing research about seasonal products. Learn more about ASIN Grabber here.

From here on out, the rest of the tools in the Chrome Extension (Profitability Calculator, Inventory Levels, and Review Insights) only work on single Amazon product pages.

6. While on a specific Amazon product page, click the Helium 10 Chrome Extension, then click Profitability Calculator.


Profitability Calculator pulls information from the listing and gives you an interactive set of fields to enter your own data. Check out our Profitability Calculator Pro Training video to find out more.

Want to see how different dimensions will affect shipping costs? Plug it in.

Need to see how adjusting your manufacturing cost will affect your ROI? Plug it in.


7. While on a specific Amazon product page, click the Helium 10 Chrome Extension, then click Inventory Levels.

Inventory Levels shows you how many units are in stock for a given seller.


8. While on a specific Amazon product page, you can click on the last tool inside the Chrome Extension, Review Insights.


Gone are the days of manually searching through endless pages of reviews. Review Insights allows you to download reviews and reveal the most common phrases that appear in all reviews.


This Amazon chrome extension is the perfect place to start your Helium 10 journey and to learn the tools that will take your brand to the next level.

Want to give it a try? Download the Helium 10 chrome extension for free.


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