How to Optimize Your Product Listings Using Ranking Keywords in Scribbles


Helium 10's Scribbles helps you optimize your product titles and descriptions to help you convert customer clicks into sales. In addition to appealing images, relevant titles and keyword-driven bullet points, designed to emotionally engage customers, play an essential role in product sales and product ranking.

Helium 10 created Scribbles to help you organize and optimize your product titles, bullet points and descriptions, as well as to build an effective backend keyword search list.

Generally, you use Scribbles after first generating a list of effective keywords in Magnet or Cerebro, then exporting them into Frankenstein, where you sort and prioritize them. You always want a carefully cultivated list of applicable and effective keywords available before you begin writing your product listing in Scribbles.

Scribbles will also let you import the content of an existing Amazon product, either your own or a competitor's.

1. First, let's begin by picking up where we left off on the Frankenstein tutorial with a long list of words related to journals. We generated a final list of keywords and now they are ready for transfer into Scribbles.


2. In Frankenstein, scan down and click on the Scribbles button at the bottom right side of the dashboard to open the Scribbles tool and import the words into it.

Scribbles only allows the import of 1000 phrases, so keep this in mind as you work with the tool.

You can also copy and paste your list: open Scribbles by clicking on the Helium 10 Scribbles icon on the left menu, and then paste the words into it. Actually, Scribbles lets you pull your keywords from any source that allows you to cut and paste text.


3. Helium 10 opens Scribbles up in a new tab, and imports the words into a database on the left side of the Scribbles dashboard. So far, nothing in the keyword list has been changed or altered. 


4. To optimize the list, click the blue Apply button at the bottom of the list. This action sorts the words and phrases into a color-coded system according to their search popularity. The single keywords in the Words box are organized by highest to lowest frequency. The red and orange colors signify words that dominate for this product. The colors then transition to cooler tones until they appear in black, representing their diminishing prominence. The Phrases box sorts and color-codes its phrases in the same way, but based on their search volume ranking.


5. To help you limit the best keywords as you write your title, bullet points and description, you can adjust which imported words you see on the left side of the screen. You can open and close each section with the gray arrows in the upper right corner of each small box. You can use the gray sliders on the right sides of the boxes to scan up and down each list. The rainbow slider at the top of each box moves to hide or show keywords based on their popularity. For example, sliding the button right to show only red and orange keywords may help you isolate the most frequently searched and ranked keywords for your listing.


6. Set your character limits in each section according to Amazon's requirements, which vary depending on the product and the category. Scribbles defaults to 200 characters for the Title, 100 characters for the Bullet Points 50 characters for the Subject Matter, 2,000 for the Description, and 250 for the Search Terms. Click on the little blue pen next to the gray text with the numbers to change the limit, and then click on the little blue check icon next to the number field to save the change.


7. Draft your product title, using as many applicable red and orange words and phrases in the list as possible. Then work your way down the sections, using the most popular keywords as early as possible in the listing. Customers read the first part of a product listing with more attention. The further down your product page a word or phrase appears, the more likely the customer will scan or completely skip over the text. The content in the Bullet Points sections are seen by the customers; the content in the Subject Matter sections are hidden from customers, but included in Amazon's keyword ranking algorithms.


8. Notice that, as you use a word or phrase, Scribbles crosses it out for you in the color-coded bank of keywords. Scribbles also tracks the number of times you include a word or phrase in your product listing. It tags the word or phrase with the number of uses in its upper right side.


9. After you are done with your draft, and every field is completed to your satisfaction, you may want to review which words and phrases have been used, and which ones you may have overlooked.

Save your work by clicking on the Save button in the upper right corner.



10. Scribbles lets you export your final work to your computer as either a CSV or TXT file. Click on Export to open the two options, then click directly on the one you want to activate.


11. If you log out of Helium 10 and then return at a later time, you can access your saved work in Scribbles by clicking on the History button.


12. The History button pulls up your previous saved work. To open it so you can continue to your work, click on Restore. If you want to delete it permanently, click on the small trash can icon.


13. Perhaps one of the most powerful features Scribbles has is its ability to import the titles, bullet points and descriptions from existing Amazon products for analysis and study. You can import your own current listing to edit and improve it, or you can import a competitor's product text for Scribbles to dissect and analyze. 

To import an existing listing's details, click on the Import Listing button in the upper right corner of the dashboard. A new column will appear on the left side of the dashboard. In the field that says ASIN or product URL, paste in the ASIN of an existing Amazon product. Then click on the blue Apply button.


15. Scribbles loads the product details into each section accordingly.


16. To optimize the keywords and phrases from the list, you can either copy and paste them over into the Listing Optimizer field, or individually type in the keywords you want to analyze.


17. When you're ready to optimize, click on the blue Apply button at the bottom of the word list box.


18. Scribbles analyzes the list and identifies the keywords with the highest frequency and the phrases with the highest search volume. Scribbles color-codes each word on a scale of red to black, or hot to cool, to visually represent the popularity of each keyword and phrase.


19. To learn more about how to use Scribbles to optimize your Amazon product listings, check out our PRO Training videos by clicking on the Learn button on the Scribbles dashboard.




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