Tutorial: How to Sort and Manage a List of Effective Keywords Using Frankenstein


Helium 10's great keyword generating tools Cerebro and Magnet can give you results with an overwhelming number of words to sort and manage. Frankenstein allows you to edit and refine those thousands of keywords quickly into the most useful and effective for your product listings and PPC ads.


To use Frankenstein, you'll need a large batch of keywords related to the product you are researching. Helium 10 offers a several ways for you to amass relevant keywords. Let's quickly look at the different sources for obtaining those keywords.

1. One way to gather relevant keywords is by using the Helium 10 tool Cerebro. Cerebro searches for and gathers keywords associated with specific ASINs. (For in-depth information on how to use this tool, go to Cerebro).


2. Another Helium 10 tool that searches for and gathers related keywords is Magnet. Magnet searches for keywords Amazon associates with a generic product. (For more information on how to use this tool, go to Magnet.)


3. A third Helium 10 tool, Misspellinator, can export misspelled keywords to Frankenstein. (For more information on how to use this tool, go to Misspellinator.)


4. After importing (or pasting in) all the keywords from another tool or source, you'll want to review the filters available to sort and refine the total number of words down into a manageable and relevant list.


5. If you are trying to limit the number of individual words, you'll want to check Frankenstein's Remove duplicates box. Using this filter in this sample search, we reduce 51,375 words to the more manageable 2,256 words.


6. You can check off boxes in any order that you like, decide to filter the keywords in a different way, and/or clear your results to start over again. If you want to remove a filter, simply uncheck the box and the Result list will revert. Don't worry about losing any words, since you can click and un-click filtering boxes as many times as you like, until you're satisfied with a final list.


7. In addition to limiting the list using the filters available, you can also identify how frequently a word or phrase appears. You can check the box for Include word frequency count to see how often a word or phrase lists, and/or you can sort the words by frequency using the sorting button in the top right corner of the dashboard.


8. Occasionally, Magnet or Cerebro include ASINs in their search results. Clicking on the Remove ASINS button will effectively strip them out of the list.


9. Finally, you can select to delete specific words using the filters in the Output settings area, and/or highlight them in the Results box and simply delete. Save your work at any time. 


10. Finally, Helium 10 lets you automatically export the final, filtered list into Scribbles, where you can write your product listing title and bullet points. Frankenstein exports or saves up to 200,000 characters (not words). If you have curated a list of words that exceeds that number, or exceeds Scribbles' 2000 import word limit, it's recommended that you download the list as a CSV file for your own records.


11. For more information on Frankenstein, you can watch the LEARN videos located in the Frankenstein dashboard. 





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