How to Use Xray Keywords

Have you ever been browsing Amazon listings and wondered what keywords are driving sales? With the power of Xray Keywords, you can now perform quick keyword research without leaving Amazon by using the Helium 10 Chrome Extension.

This article covers the following topics:

Getting Started

To use Xray Keywords, you must have the Helium 10 Chrome Extension installed and activated. 

1. To use Xray keywords, start by performing a product search on Amazon.

2. While on the search results page, open the Helium 10 Chrome Extension drop-down menu and select Xray Keywords


3. Keywords are pulled for the top 10 products and displayed in a popup window.


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How to Edit Default Filters

To edit your default filters, perform an Xray Keyword search and select the Global Search Settings button in the bottom-left of the popup results.


Adjust the filters to your preference, and then select Apply Filters. The filters you chose will now be applied to each Xray Keyword search you perform. Select Restore Default Settings if you want to roll your filters back to the default.

Note: Adjusting your Global Search Settings will count towards your Xray Keyword search plan limits.


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How to Filter Your Xray Keyword Results

Select the Filters button on the keywords results page to filter your Xray Keyword results.


Adjust the filters to your preference, and then select Apply Filters. Select the Restore Default Settings button if you want to return to the default filters.

Note: Adjusting your table filters will not count towards your Xray Keyword search plan limits.


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How to Change the ASINs Used for Keywords

To add or remove specific ASINs from the keyword results, follow these steps:

1. Open the Global Search Settings in the bottom left of the Keyword results.


2. Click the Select New ASINs button in the bottom left corner of the Global Search Settings menu.


3. Manually select the checkbox next to the products you want to include in the keyword search and then select Run Keyword Search.


4. The results will reload with keywords based on the new ASINs you selected.

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Keyword Actions

There are several actions that can be performed on your list of keywords. Manually select the checkboxes next to the keywords you want to use, and the available keyword actions appear at the top. The available keyword actions are:

      • Add to My List
      • Add to Keyword Tracker
      • Index Checker
      • Delete


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Add Keywords to My List

Clicking the Add to My List button will add the selected keywords to My List.


You will have the option to add the keywords to an existing list or create a new one.


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Add to Keyword Tracker

The Add to Keyword Tracker button will open the Track in Keyword Tracker menu.


Click on a product you are already tracking or select Track a New Product in the bottom left. The keywords you’ve selected will be added to the keyword tracker for that product.


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Index Checker

Clicking the Index Checker button will prompt you to enter an ASIN.


After entering your ASIN, Index Checker will confirm if it’s indexing for each keyword.


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How to Delete Keywords

If you want to remove keywords, select the checkboxes next to the keywords you want to remove and then select Delete.


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Access Previous Search History

If you want to pull up one of your previous searches, select the History button in the bottom left.


The Previous Searches window will display product details, ASINs, and dates with time stamps. Select Open History to pull up the keyword list from that search.


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How to Customize the Xray Keywords Table

If you want to add or remove columns displayed in the Xray Keywords table, click on the gear icon in the top right to open settings.


Uncheck the boxes next to the columns you want removed from the table.


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How to Export Data to a Spreadsheet

If you want to export your list of keywords to a spreadsheet, select the Export Data… button and your preferred format.


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