How Do I Use Automation Within Adtomic?

There are numerous features within Adtomic that involve automation. Some features involve user input, while others do not. 

For example, every account that is uploaded into Adtomic will start receiving keyword bid suggestions automatically within 24 to 48 hours depending on the size of the account. Nothing needs to be activated to start receiving bid suggestions. 

Bid Suggestions

These suggestions are found under the “Bids” tab on the Suggestions page and are set at a 30% default target ACoS. This means that the keyword bid suggestions provided are attempting to get closer to the 30% ACoS whether the results are above or below that target. If you want to change this default for all keyword bid suggestions, review this tutorial.

Once you have reviewed the bid suggestions and began applying them manually, you may feel confident that these keyword bids can be applied automatically. This means they will no longer appear on the Suggestions page for you to apply manually. 

To make this change, you will need to activate automation for each campaign individually. You can do this on the Ad Manager page by clicking on the dial in the Automate column located in the far-right columns. 


Once active, they will appear blue as in the above screenshot. Note that some campaigns cannot use keyword bid automation, such as Auto campaigns that do not use keywords, and will therefore not have a dial to activate as in the above example. 

When automation is active in this column, it means keyword bid suggestions for that campaign will automatically be applied within 24 hours. To see the keyword bid changes once campaigns are automated, review the Change Log under “Auto Bid Change”.


New Keyword & Negative Keyword Suggestions
If you create campaigns in Adtomic or create Rules for your existing campaigns, you will automatically start seeing New Keyword & Negative Keyword Suggestions within 7 to 10 days. These suggestions can also be found on the Suggestions page under their respective tabs.
Again, we recommend you take time to review the suggestions that Adtomic provides to ensure your rules are set up correctly to achieve a specific goal. Once you have been applying these keyword suggestions and are confident, they can start being applied without your review, then it may be time to automate. 

Since New Keyword & Negative Keyword Suggestions are based on rules, this is also where automation for these suggestions can be found. Also in the Ad Manager, the Rules can be found in a column in the far-right hand side. 


It is next to the Automate column, but remember, this button only affects the keyword bid suggestions for the campaign selected, nothing more.
Once you click on the cog icon in the Rules column, you will be shown how many rules are associated with that campaign. In the above example, the number 2 indicates that a specific campaign is connected to two different Rules, likely a New Keyword Rule and a Negative Keyword Rule.
When you select a rule, it will open and allow you to make any changes. It is also where you can activate the Automate button which is located just above step 3 “Add Ad Groups to Rule” in either the New Keyword or Negative Keyword rules. 


Once this Automate button is activated, keyword suggestions will no longer appear on the Suggestions page under the New Keyword & Negative Keyword tabs depending on which is activated.
To see what has been changed automatically, again, you can reference the Change Log and view any time period to see what new keywords have been added or have been made negative. 


Keep in mind that the suggestions are dependent on the rules created manually or through campaign creation. Since both rely on user input, it is best practice to not have Automation set up immediately upon creation of a campaign or rules. Only you will know when the best time is to activate automation through careful consideration and review of the suggestions generated. 


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