How Do I Use Helium 10 to Research Products on Pinterest Trends?

Finding new product ideas can be challenging. Helium 10 users can use the Pinterest Trends spinner on their dashboards to prompt smart searches based on what is trending on Pinterest. 

This article shows you how to use the Pinterest trending feature on the Helium 10 dashboard.

1. Log into Helium 10 and scroll down the dashboard until you find the Research a Keyword widget.


2. To prompt the spinner to find a new keyword trending on Pinterest, click Refresh. You can refresh as many times as you like.

PTrend2_copy.png 3. Each time you click Refresh, the spinner finds a new trending keyword from Pinterest Trends. In this example, the keyword dark academia appears in the results. 

PTrend4_copy.png4. If you don’t think the keyword is relevant, you can simply click Refresh again to prompt the retrieval of another keyword. You may need to spin several times before you see something that catches your interest. In this example, let’s investigate the trending keyword dark academia

The widget offers several paths: you can see the trending graph on Pinterest, and using Demand Analyzer, review the top-selling products on Amazon that share the same keyword, or you can begin researching the keyword by clicking the blue Search button in the top right corner of the widget.


Research Path One

5. When you click on Open in Pinterest, Helium 10 displays the Pinterest trending graph for the keyword. 


From this page, you can dive deeper into Pinterest, or you can run the Helium 10 Demand Analyzer tool.

6. Click on the Chrome Extension button that says Analyze Product Demand on Amazon. The tool will populate the search field with your Pinterest trending keyword. 

PTrend4b_copy.png7. Click See analysis.

PTrend4c_copy.png8. Demand Analyzer does a keyword search on Amazon and determines the estimated monthly search volume. It also displays the top matching keywords that include the searched keyword, and the top-selling products for that keyword.

PTrend4d_copy.png9. If you want to leap directly into Black Box Niche to research products there, click on the See all top products link. 


Continue to the next section to explore another way to use the widget to start a product search.

Research Path Two

10. Returning to the dashboard, if you see a keyword that intrigues you, you can also click on the Search button.

PTrend5_copy.png11. The widget will pull the top competitive keywords up and display them below the spinner for a quick review. 

PTrend5a_copy.png12. To advance your research to Magnet, Click to dive deeper in Magnet. The link is located under the top five related keywords. When Magnet opens, type your trending keyword into the Show phrases that contain filter under Advanced Filters.

PTrends5c_copy.png13. Use the sorting power of Magnet by clicking on the header for the Search Volume column. Now you can see all the top searched keywords on Amazon related to your trending Pinterest keyword. 

PTrends5d_copy.png14. Find a phrase that appeals to you, and click the icon at the end of the word to open the search results for the keyword on Amazon.

PTrends5e.png15. Scan the search results on Amazon to see the level of market saturation. If it seems like there might be room in the market for you to compete, run Xray to see what kind of sales these products have.

PTrends5e1_copy.png16. When Xray opens, scan through for products that interest you. If you see something, select it, and then click Run keyword search.

PTrend5f_copy.png17. Cerebro will open and search the ASIN for all its related keywords. Set filters to limit the number of results to your own criteria. Here, let’s filter for products with a minimum of 1,000 monthly searches and that rank in the top 10 positions.

PTrends5g_copy.png18. Cerebro will display all the critical information that you need to decide whether the product idea has potential, including search volumes, number of competing products, and each keyword’s Cerebro IQ Score.


If nothing looks right for you and your brand, head back to the dashboard to spin the Pinterest Trending wheel again. 

To learn more about using Magnet and Cerebro check out “Black Box PRO Training Video: Introduction and Overview” and “How Do I Use Cerebro? An Introduction and Overview.”

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