What Should I Do If I Can't Connect My Seller Account to My Helium 10 Account?

On rare occasions, when professional Amazon sellers go through the process of linking their Amazon accounts to their Helium 10 account so that they can view their data inside their Helium 10 software, they may encounter issues. This article explains the primary issues that can occur and how to solve them.

I. Invalid Token

If you get the error message, "Auth token is not valid for Seller ID and/or Seller Account ID," the reason is usually related to an unidentified Seller ID-Token combination caused because:

1. Amazon is still processing the addition of your token into its system. You can simply wait for 30-60 minutes and retry adding the token, especially if you've recently set up your Professional Seller Central account. Your Seller token is created by Amazon and is unique to your account.

2. The token you're trying to connect is incorrect. Be sure that you follow these instructions when attempting to connect the account again.

 Sometimes, you've accidentally entered the incorrect Marketplace.

II. Token Already in Use

Occasionally, especially if you've previously used Helium 10, stopped, and then resumed, Amazon may already have a record of that connection. If you try to connect a token that has previously been connected, you'll get a message saying that the token you've entered is "already active." That means the token is currently attached to a different account.

You must remove the token from the account it is currently connected to before you can reconnect a new Helium 10 account. Sometimes, you might not remember which account your token was connected to. In that case, Helium 10's customer service agents can usually find the account and remove the token for you. Either send Helium 10 an email or sign in to your Helium 10 account and post a help request with an agent using the blue chatbot located in the lower right-hand corner of the main dashboard.


III. Seller Connection Interrupted

During the token connection process, if you close out of your Amazon window or do not complete all the steps to connect, you may receive the error message, “Seller Central connection was interrupted!” To resolve this, simply follow the steps to connect your token as you normally would.  


IV. PPC Token Error

Clients may not see all PPC costs if they have more than one Seller Account. Currently, Amazon allows multiple Seller Accounts but only one PPC token connection to third-party companies like Helium 10. Therefore, the Seller and PPC tokens will not match on secondary accounts, and Profits and Adtomic will fail to show all PPC data. (Keep in mind, as well, that unless you are running an active PPC campaign, Profits will not show any PPC data either.)

The workaround to link everything up inside Helium 10 is explained in the article How Do I Manage Multiple Amazon Accounts in One Helium 10 Adtomic Account?”



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