How Are Promotional Costs Reported in Profits?


Amazon offers customers multiple ways to save money when they buy products through their online store. Some of the discounts source with Amazon, some with the merchants. For example, Prime members' free shipping is a discount generally offered and paid for by Amazon, while two-for-one coupons are discounts offered and paid for by the seller.

Because Amazon does not delineate its Prime member promotional discounts from the merchant or seller promotional discounts, that API data imports into Profits together.

Consequently, the Promo data in Profits can appear conflicting. On the main dashboard, the Gross Revenue should be accurate because Prime promotions, like free shipping, do not incur a cost to sellers (unless the seller actively participates in free shipping), but inside Profits, the Promotion details report includes both merchant and Amazon promotions, appearing to increase both the number of promotions and the promotional costs for the seller.


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