Why Are Time Discrepancies Happening in My Reports?


Daylight Savings Time (DST) complicates Helium 10's and Amazon record keeping, especially around the weeks that the clocks change in spring and autumn. Helium 10's Profits tool consistently uses PST all year, while Amazon operates in PST/PDT time. 

You might question the effect of DST in your reports if you notice it. Part of the reason is due to the fact that most of the world does not observe DST, and part is due to the fact that the countries that do observe it, often only do so partially. For example, not all states in the U.S. participate, and only sections of Australia change time for DST. To further muddle record-keeping, Europe changes to and from DST a week before North America (including Amazon) changes.

Finally, most DST-participating countries and regions shift time in the spring and the autumn at a specific hour linked to their own time zone, so the time change has a rolling effect that disrupts recorded time for hours across national and international time zones.

Therefore, during the spring and fall PST/PDT transitions, reports may temporarily appear inaccurate. In fact, the apparent discrepancies are due to the clocks changing to and from PDT in Amazon, but not changing time in Profits.

Sellers should note the clock changes' rippling effect on the times inside their reports.



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