How Do I Activate Follow-Up for My Amazon Seller Central Account?


To use Follow-Up, you must:

1) have a professional seller account on Amazon that allows you to connect your Helium 10 account with your Amazon Seller Central account;

2) subscribe to either a Helium 10 Platinum, Diamond or Elite plan. 

If you previously connected your Helium 10 account to your Amazon Seller Central account for tools like Profits and Refund Genie, then you are almost ready to use Follow-Up. If you are completely new to Helium 10, you'll need to connect both accounts first).

Once you have connected the two accounts, you are ready to authorize Helium 10 to send and receive emails related to your seller account.

1. To authorize Follow-Up, sign into your Helium 10 account in one browser window, and your Amazon Seller Central account in a second browser window.

2.  In order for Helium 10 to get notifications from Amazon and send emails on your behalf, you need to add your special Helium 10 email account to your Amazon Seller Account. On the main Amazon Seller Central account dashboard, click on Messages, which is located in the upper right corner. A window for managing your Amazon seller messages will open.


3. Click on Messaging Permissions, located under Links in the top right corner of the Messages dashboard. A window, titled Messaging Permissions, will pop up with your current emails listed in it.


4. In the Messaging Permissions window, click on + Add an email account. The link appears in the bottom right corner of the pop-up window.


5. Switch to your Helium 10 browser window. In the Follow-Up dashboard, click on the Settings icon in the left side menu. It's the last icon in the stack. From the Settings page, copy the email address that has been created especially for you by Helium 10.


6. Return to your Amazon Seller Central account's Messaging Permissions window and paste in your personal Helium 10 Follow-Up email address into the field that says Add an email address. Check to make sure that the Approved column is selected. The circle will have a dark ring around it. Now click the Save button on the bottom of the pop-up window.


7. The Follow-Up email address should now be in your list of approved emails. The final step is to activate notifications for this email account. Click on Notification Preferences next to one of your listed email addresses and scan down the new page to the section that says Messaging. It's the last section. 


8. Under Messaging, you need to paste the Follow-Up email address into three sections: Confirmation Notifications, Delivery Failures and Buyer Opt-out. Click on the gold Edit button to open empty fields for each section. Paste the Helium 10 Follow-Up email address into the appropriate fields. Click the gold Save Button.


9. Your Helium 10 account should now be completely connected and set up for Follow-Up. When you go back to your Helium 10 Follow-Up dashboard, you'll get a warning message asking whether you have approved the Helium 10 Follow-Up email for your account, and then activated that email to receive notifications. If the answer is yes, you're ready to use the Follow-Up tool. 


10. To watch a video with similar instructions, click on the video icon next to the Follow-Up Dashboard title. 

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