How Do I Send My Customers a Manual Email Using Follow-Up?


While much of the power of Follow-Up lies in its automated email system, sometimes you want or need to send a customer an email manually. Fortunately, it's easy to send emails manually in Follow-Up. In fact, Follow-Up allows you to send manual messages on orders placed any time during the prior 30 days. This tutorial assumes you've already connected your Helium 10 and Amazon Seller Central accounts and have set up templates in Follow-Up.)

1. To send an email to a customer manually, open up the Orders page inside Follow-Up.


2. In the top right toolbar above the list of orders, several icons (an envelope, a trash can, and a boxed X) appear grayed-out. To activate them, you need to select orders to which you want to apply an action. Click on the empty box next to the order(s) related to a manual customer email you want to send, and the box should convert to red. The icons in the toolbar will also darken to black, signaling that they are now active.


3. Click on the small black envelope icon. A SEND EMAIL window will open. In the window, your saved email templates will appear, as well as the option to edit or create a new template. If you already have the email template created, you can click on it, then click on the blue Confirm button in the lower right corner to immediately send the message.

If you want to edit a template, click on the template you want to use, and then click on the gold Edit Template button. The selected template will open up in the Template page. There you can make the necessary changes, save it (probably under a new name), and then return to the Orders page to send it by clicking on the Confirm button.

If you want to create a new template, click on New Template in the lower left corner of the window, which will take you to the Template page, where you can create a new message. Once you've created and saved the new email message, you can return to the Orders page, select it, and send it immediately.


4. As soon as Follow-Up sends the manual email(s), a Success window pops up, confirming the action. Click the X or the blue OK button to exit the window.


Please note that sending too many messages to Amazon customers at one time may result in Amazon interrupting their delivery. In addition, Amazon could take further action against your account for possible spam-like behavior. Use this feature prudently.

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