How Do I Use Xray to Find Keywords Related to a Listing?


Keywords drive sales on Amazon. Customers find products by entering search terms into Amazon’s search engine, and Amazon finds products to show customers based on product keywords. Therefore, successful sellers ensure that their product listings include as many relevant keywords as possible, so their products appear in customer searches.

While browsing on Amazon, users can take advantage of three ways Helium 10 facilitates keyword research, using the Chrome Extension, and Xray in particular.

I. Keyword Research with the Chrome Extension Widget

1. First, on a product pages, the Chrome Extension widget includes a link over its bar graph that can be used to export the product ASIN into Cerebro for a Reverse ASIN search. 


2. Click on the Keywords link to open Cerebro and export the product ASIN to the software for advanced research.



II. Single Product Keyword Research Using Xray

3. To use Xray for research on a single product, go to the product page on Amazon and open Xray.


4. In Xray, you need to choose the ASIN(s) that you want to research.


5. To run a Reverse-ASIN search, click the box next to the product details.


This action mirrors the act of clicking on the Keywords link in the page’s Chrome extension widget. Cerebro will open, displaying the relevant keywords for this product.

The added benefit of prompting the Reverse-ASIN research in Xray though is that it also lets you include as many as 10 ASINs in the search.


III. Multiple Product Keyword Research Using Xray

6. Enter your search term into the Amazon search field to pull up the top-ranking products you want to investigate.


7. On the search results page, open the Chrome Extension and run Xray.

xrayfindkeywordsamzsearch2_copy.png8. Again, to prompt the Reverse-ASIN search, you will need to select the product(s) that you want Xray to export to Cerebro. The difference between the single and multi-ASIN search is that in the multi-ASIN search, you will need to select your seed product first, then any additional products. The first ASIN or product you click becomes the first one exported, and therefore, the primary product against which the other selected products are compared.


9. Select up to 10 ASINs to export into Cerebro, making sure that the first product you click is the one you want to be your seed ASIN.


10. Xray will import the ASINs to Cerebro for a Reverse ASIN Lookup.


11. Cerebro will display all the relevant keywords associated with the imported ASINs.


To learn about Cerebro and how to refine and cultivate your keyword list, either click on the Learn video icon in the toolbar at the top right, or begin with this introductory article, “How Do I Use Cerebro? An Introduction and Overview.” 


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