How to Download and Install the Mobile App

Helium 10's mobile app lets you check for important updates using your smartphone. Your most important data in Profits, Adtomic, and Alerts can be accessed via the app, at any time, on the go.

The free Helium 10 app is available both from the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Click on the links here to download and install the app, following the instructions provided by your phone.

The app only works for Helium 10 accounts with connected Tokens. To see the Adtomic data, you must also activate the PPC Token. If you have not yet connected your Helium 10 and Amazon Seller accounts, follow the instructions located in the article "How Do I Connect My Helium 10 Account to My Professional Amazon Seller Account."

You will also need to approve push notifications to receive Alerts’ most important updates. Android users will be prompted to approve notifications when they install the app. Apple users will be prompted to approve them the first time they open Alerts. (To activate them at a later time, you can go into your smartphone settings, tap Notifications, tap Helium 10, and then tap Allow Notifications. You can also customize your notifications settings under your member profiles on the Helium 10 dashboard.)

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