How to Create Amazon Attribution Links in Portals

Advertising off the Amazon platform can be an effective way of improving your sales. However, monitoring the performance of your marketing efforts can be a challenge. Amazon Attribution Links enable you to easily create attribution URLs for off-Amazon advertising while empowering you to measure the sales impact of your off-Amazon advertising. To learn more about the Brand Referral Bonus offered by Amazon, review the program here

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To utilize Amazon Attribution Links, you must connect your Helium 10 account to your Amazon seller token and your PPC token. If you haven’t connected them, you will see this notification. It is also only available for brand-registered sellers.


In addition to being Brand Registered, sellers must go to and register for the Amazon Attribution Program and enroll in the Brand Referral Bonus Program. You will see the following screen displayed once you’ve enrolled.


Marketplace Availability

In addition to the requirements listed above, Amazon Attribution Links are currently only compatible in the following marketplaces:

    • Canada
    • United States
    • Germany
    • Spain
    • France
    • Italy
    • United Kingdom

Entitlements per Plan Tier

The following is a breakdown of the total link creation limits per plan:

    • Free plan - No access to Amazon Attribution
    • Starter - No access to Amazon Attribution
    • Platinum - Customers can create up to 20 links.
    • Diamond - Customers can create up to 500 links
    • Elite - Unlimited links

How to Create an Amazon Attribution Link

1. To create an Amazon Attribution Link, start off by opening Portals and selecting Amazon Attribution from the menu on the left.


Note: To utilize Amazon Attribution Links, you must connect your Helium 10 account to your Amazon seller token and PPC token. If you haven’t connected them, you will see this notification. It is also only available for brand registered sellers.

2. On the Amazon Attribution dashboard, if you have created Amazon Attribution links, you will see a list of all links that you have created so far. If you have recently gained access to this feature and have not yet created links, the table will not have any information displayed.


3. To create a link, select the New Link button on the top right.


4. The New Amazon Attribution Link window will appear, prompting you to fill out four fields.


    • Marketplace - Select the marketplace for the link you want to create. If a marketplace is grayed out, it is not available at this time. This could be because you aren’t selling in that marketplace, or it’s not a compatible marketplace at this time.
    • Select ASIN - Select the ASIN for the product you are creating a link for. All ASINs from your seller central account will be displayed in the list.
    • Publisher - Select the Publisher you will be using the link for. 
    • Add up to 5 Keywords - This is an optional field that you can use to create a canonical URL. 

5. After you’ve filled out each field, select Generate Link


6. A Link Generated confirmation will display with your new link.


Amazon Attribution Links Metrics 

1. Begin using the link you generated for your marketing, and you can monitor the Amazon Attributions dashboard in Helium 10 to see how it is performing. 


2. The dashboard lists out each link you’ve created with the following metrics:

Note: Clicks will update instantly, the remaining metrics will take approximately 48-72 hours.

    • Marketplace - The marketplace you’ve selected for this link.
    • ASIN - The ASIN connected to this link.
    • Clicks - The number of times this link has been clicked.
    • Units Sold - The number of times a purchase was made by a customer clicking the link.
    • Sales - The dollar amount total from the sales made off of this link.
    • Referral Bonus - The dollar amount Amazon has awarded for directing customers to the Amazon website. Click here for more details on the program.
    • Actions - Clicking on the three dots opens the Actions menu with the following options:
      • Copy the link
      • Create a new link for this ASIN
      • Edit keywords for this link


3. For a detailed view of the clicks over time, select the graph icon in the Clicks columns. You can adjust the timeline of the graph as needed.



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