How do I Access the Keyword Tracker Integration Within Adtomic

This article shows you how to access and use Keyword Tracker Integration within Adtomic. Helium 10's Keyword Tracker collects Amazon data on your keywords every seven days. Many of the features and information described in this article have now been seamlessly integrated into Adtomic. Keyword Tracker is now integrated with Adtomic, providing a centralized data source where sellers can quickly see search volume, organic rank, and sponsored rank in one line item view per keyword, making manual optimization way less time-consuming.

Steps to Access Keyword Tracker Integration

1. The Keyword Tracker Integration is utilized in the Ad Manager page within Adtomic. To access the Ad Manager, log into your Helium 10 account, click on Adtomic from the top menu, and select Ad Manager from the menu on the left


Note: You must be on the beta version of Ad Manager to view the Keyword Tracker integration. To determine if you are on the beta version, there will be a “Beta” icon next to “Ad Manager”. If you don’t see this icon, please click on the blue Try Ad Manager Beta button at the top-right of the page.


2. Click into any Sponsored Product campaign

3. Click Search Terms

Note: If you only want to show search terms from a specific ad group, click into the specific ad group from the Ad Groups tab first, then click Search Terms.

Keyword Tracker Integration Columns

In the Adtomic tool, there are now three new columns on your Search Terms tab named Search Volume, Organic Rank, and Sponsored Rank. Detailed explanations of each column are provided below. 


Search Volume

This column displays the most recent daily search volume for the particular keyword. Clicking on the graph icon next to the search volume number will expand the search volume history for that particular keyword. You can adjust the length of time displayed on the graph by using the drop-down menu at the top.


Organic Rank

The Organic Ranking is where a product appears on amazon search engine results pages for a particular keyword amongst other organic product results.

Sponsored Rank

The Sponsored Ranking is where a product appears on amazon search engine results pages for a particular keyword against other sponsored product results.

Adding a Keyword to the Keyword Tracker Integration

To track a specific keyword within your Keyword Tracker tool and with the Keyword Tracker Integration, all you have to do is:

1. Click + Keyword Tracker

2. Choose the products that you’d like to track the keyword against

3. Click Add to Keyword Tracker

Note: You only need to click +Keyword Tracker for either the Organic Rank or Sponsored Rank column to track data against both organic and sponsored ranks. Once added from one column, both columns will start processing the data.

Adding a Product to an Existing Tracked Keyword

To add an existing product to a keyword that is already being tracked within Keyword Tracker, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the “squares” icon to the right of the graph and rank shown for an existing keyword being tracked.

2. Select the product you would like to add to the existing keyword by clicking the checkbox.

3. Click Add to Keyword Tracker.


What does processing data mean?

When keywords are added via the Keyword Tracker Integration, it takes up to 24 hours for the system to process the request and show data within the Keyword Tracker Integration.

What does >306 and/or >96 mean?
Data will not show for organic rank if an ASIN ranks below (# is >) 306, or for sponsored rank if an ASIN is ranked lower than (# is >) 96.
What does “n/a” mean for sponsored and/or organic rank for a particular keyword?
n/a means that none of the seller’s products were ranked against the particular keyword within the last 24 hours.
Why is there a gap in my Sponsored Rank graph?
A gap in the sponsored rank means that no ads were run during this period.
Are keywords already being tracked within the Keyword Tracker Tool automatically available within the Adtomic Keyword Tracker Integration?
Any keywords that are already being tracked with our Keyword Tracker tool will automatically show up appropriately with available graphs to view.
How do I remove keywords from being tracked for my product(s)?
This is not possible through the Keyword Tracker Integration. Keywords must be removed from particular products within our Keyword Tracker tool.
Which e-commerce platforms does Keyword Tracker Integration work with?
Keyword Tracker Integration only works with the Amazon platform.
What is the source for the data shown in Keyword Tracker Integration in Adtomic?
The source of the data comes from our Keyword Tracker tool in Helium10.
Does the Keyword Tracker Integration in Adtomic show hourly updates due to keywords with Boost on?
The Keyword Tracker Integration does not show the hourly ranking for keywords with Boost on. Keyword Tracker Integration will only show the daily rank.
Why does my Search Terms export not include Keyword Tracker data?
While in beta, the Keyword Tracker data is not available within Adtomic exports at this time.


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