How to Contact Helium 10 Customer Support

Helium 10 offers email and direct chat support as part of its membership services. Depending on your preference and the urgency of your needs, please contact us via one of these methods:

1. Send us an email at When sending your concern or question, please make your request as detailed as possible with screenshots and links so we can provide an accurate and quick response to your request.

2. If you need immediate assistance, please initiate a chat session by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right on the Helium 10 website. 


This will open a chat prompt. Helium 10's chat support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Select one of the suggested categories from the chat prompt or simply type a message. To send a screenshot attachment, click on the paperclip icon and select the image from your files.


At the present time, Helium 10 Customer Service does not have phone support, but we pride ourselves on responding to and addressing all your technical questions and billing concerns in a timely manner. We also welcome suggestions for software development from active users. To request a new feature or tool, check out our article here.

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