How Do I Get Notifications about Amazon Sitewide Search Anomalies?

Helium 10 detects when Amazon’s search results and product ranking patterns experience unexpected changes across a wide range of products and keywords. Anyone can view the Helium 10 Anomaly data chart by going to


Scroll down to the Anomaly data chart to see current or past events. Currently, the tracker only works for the U.S. marketplace. Use the drop-down menu to select a date range. 


Brief or isolated changes in product ranking and keyword indexing are common, and Helium 10 records those as normal. Normal fluctuations are represented by the green band. The chart’s yellow band highlights moderate changes that might indicate the need to check up on personal product rankings. Finally, the pink band at the top alerts sellers of changes to keyword indexing and product ranking that may be affecting a broad group of sellers. 

What can you do if you see a spike? If you have a paid account, you can confirm issues by checking your Keyword Tracker ranks. You can also use Index Checker to see if your products are still indexed for your most relevant keywords. Finally, if you have Alerts turned on, you can check to see if any other factors might be affecting your listings.

Simply having a Helium 10 account does not automate notifications. You must sign up.


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