What Do I Need to Know to Successfully Sync My Listing with Amazon?

Amazon sellers can sync any listing created or optimized in Listing Builder to an existing product in their Seller Central account, as long as their token is connected.

I. General Guidelines

1. Once you sync your listing in Listing Builder, it remains in Processing Status and View Only mode until it updates to Synced or Error status.

2. When syncing your listing to Amazon from listing builder, it should not take more than a few minutes; however, it is up to Amazon to accept the changes. If there is a delay, it could be that Amazon’s servers are backed up and this can cause the synchronization to take up to 24 hours.

3. The listing may appear updated in Seller Central before its status updates in Listing Builder, due to Amazon’s processing time lags.

4. An Error status means the sync failed and the updates did not apply to your Seller Central account. Update and try again, or manually copy-and-paste your listing. 

5. To ensure the syncing succeeds, check your listing against the following Syncing Details.

II. Syncing Details

1. The title field must be completed in order for the sync to work. Amazon mandates this condition. 

2. Amazon only allows the first five (5) Bullet Points to sync. Additional Bullet Points must be added to Seller Central manually.

Note: If your listing currently has more than five (5) Bullet Points, and you sync updated Bullet Points using Listing Builder, your previous additional Bullet Points will be written over by the five (5) new Bullet Points and your remaining Bullet Points will be deleted. If you want to retain some of the existing Bullet Points, we recommend manually copy-and-pasting your listing.

3. Listing Builder only syncs content in fields with at least one (1) character. A field is considered one section of the listing and includes all its subsections. The five available fields are: 

      • Title
      • Bullet Points (including all subsections)
      • Description
      • Search Terms
      • Subject Matter (including all subsections)

If you leave an entire field blank for a section in Listing Builder, the empty “content” for that field is not sent, and your existing listing on Amazon will retain its pre-existing content.

Note: Bullet Points and Subject Matter fields are treated as one field each, even though they have multiple subsections. If you are optimizing a listing that has five existing Bullet Points on Amazon, but you only create two Bullet Points in Listing Builder, when you sync, your Amazon listing will now only have two Bullet Points, and the previous Amazon Bullet Points 3-5 will be deleted, overwritten by the empty Bullet Point subsections from Listing Builder.

4. Many sync errors happen when a field exceeds Amazon API limits for syncing. The following are the max limits for syncing in the US marketplace; these limits may be higher than the recommended limits for best practices.  

      • Title: 500 characters
      • Bullet Points: 500 characters per Bullet Point 
      • Description: 2000 characters 
      • Search Terms: 249 bytes (spaces and punctuation do not count) 
      • Subject Matter: 50 characters per Subject Matter (250 bytes total) 

Note: Emojis and some symbols are larger bytes of data than letters and numbers, so using lots of emojis may cause your entry to exceed Amazon’s backend byte limits.

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