How Do I Use the Mobile App to Track My Analytics?

The Helium 10 Mobile app helps you check in on some of your most essential Amazon financial and sales data, even when you’re away from your computer. The app reports data from Profits, Adtomic, and Alerts. This tutorial shows you how to use the app to monitor your data.

1. The mobile app’s primary dashboard displays data from Profits. To have data appear here, you must have your Helium 10 account connected to your Amazon account.

The dashboard reports out your gross sales, and the number of orders, promotions and refunds. To see a previous day’s, the week’s or the month’s top level data, swipe the top section to the left.



2. To zoom in on specific days and track the current time period’s data against the previous time period’s data, place your fingertip on the chart and drag back and forth.


3. The mobile version of Profits displays important Sales Trends, Products and Orders data. The Products data that appears on the app is based on the products that you’ve set as favorites inside the main Helium 10 dashboard. To view the different sets of data, scroll down.


4. To see all of your products, or all of your orders, tap the gold See all button.



5. If you’re managing your Amazon PPC with Adtomic, you can also track key data with the mobile app. Since PPC costs are a critical aspect of running campaigns, the app displays the latest data for the campaigns and keywords returning the highest ACoS. While you can’t make changes to the campaigns from the app, it will help you monitor costs and whether you need to invest some attention on the campaigns inside the full platform.


6. In addition to Profits and Adtomic data, the mobile app lets you see notifications about changes to your listings on Amazon with the mobile Alerts tool. Tap the Alerts icon in the bottom navigation bar to scan through your recent notifications. If you want to filter to a specific type of alert, you can tap the filtering button in the top right corner of the screen to open a list of your alerts. Tap a type to see only those alerts.


7. You can also set which types of alerts you want activated for push notifications by going into your mobile app Profile.


To learn about using the mobile app to research products and keywords on the go, check out the article “How Do I Use the Helium 10 Mobile App to Research Products and Keywords?”


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