How Do I Use the Helium 10 Mobile App to Research Products and Keywords?

If you use the Helium 10 Extension to research products and keywords on your computer, you’ll be pleased to know that you can extend your research methods to your mobile phone wherever you have Internet access, using the Helium 10 Mobile app.

In addition to monitoring Profits, Alerts and your Adtomic PPC data, using the Helium 10 Mobile app on your smartphone, now you can also research products and keywords. You can initiate a search through the Helium 10 app, or send product information directly from an Amazon listing to your Helium 10 app, where you can see important data like revenue, sales and relevant keywords.

1. Make sure that you have downloaded and installed both the Helium 10 Mobile and the Amazon Shopping apps to your smartphone. 


2. To begin your research from the Helium 10 app, open the Helium 10 app on your phone and select the Research view from the bottom menu. If it’s your first time using the app for product and keyword research, you'll be shown key steps to follow, like how to choose your marketplace and where to tap to initiate a search.


3. To read through the short guide, just tap the next button to proceed. The one-time guide displays the key features allowing you to review and revisit recent searches and to save products and keywords to My List on your Helium 10 account.


4. In order for the app to search a product on Amazon, it must have a UPC label. Generally, this label appears on the product box or packaging, and consists of a horizontal row of vertical lines and spaces. When you tap the blue Scan Product button at the top of the Research screen, Helium 10 will request access to your camera in order to scan the label. Tap OK.

The Scan product UPC screen will open with a viewfinder window. Center the viewfinder over the code so the app can capture the data.


5. Not all products are sold on Amazon. If the app cannot find this specific product UPC on Amazon, you will get a Search Results message notifying you that the app could not be found on the Amazon site. You initiate a new search using the UPC search function, or you can tap the Search on Amazon button to locate a similar product to investigate. The instructions to start the research from Amazon starts at step number seven.



6. If the app locates the product UPC on Amazon, it displays top level data about the product including monthly revenue, number of units sold, the BSR, the category and shipping size. Along the bottom of the screen, you can scroll through the Top Ranking Keywords, or tap the Show All link to open a complete list of relevant keywords.

To save the product or any individual keywords to My List, tap the Pin button. Note that any products or keywords that you add to My List on the mobile app become part of the data stored on your regular Helium 10 account. Pinned products are added to the general My List - Products section of your dashboard, while pinned keywords are added to a special mobile file within My List - Keywords.


7. To start your product and keyword research from the Amazon app, open it and search for a product.


8. From the search results, tap on a product to open its listing page. 

To send the product information to your Helium 10 Mobile app, use the Share icon shareicon_copy.png(located on the screen as a box with an arrow pointing up), which prompts your smartphone to open recipient options. 

If the Helium 10 app isn’t immediately visible, simply swipe through the list, right to left to reveal more options, until you find it. Tap the Helium 10 app button.


9. By sharing the Amazon listing with the Helium 10 app, you’ll trigger the Research function on the app, which will transfer and open the listing inside the Helium 10 app.


10. Once the product listing is imported into the Helium 10 app, you can use the Pin buttons to save the product and/or any keywords to your My List in your general Helium 10 account, where you can access it later for continued research.




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