What Do the Success Score Check Marks Mean in Xray?


As part of the Success Score, Xray displays a simple graphic of check marks alongside its numerical scores. These check marks simply represent the number of top products which meet the threshold criteria you set up under the Chrome Extension settings for the Two Factor Success Score. You can always check the meaning of the individual scores by hovering your cursor over the numbers to prompt an explanation.

So what triggers Xray to display one, two, three, or four check marks?

1. When the Success Score correlates to fewer than seven of the top ten products in the keyword results meeting either the revenue or the review count criteria, established under settings, it does not light up any check marks. Note in the example below that the scores for both revenue and reviews are below seven.


2. One check mark represents a Success Score in which one of the established criteria--but not the other--has seven or more of the top ten products crossing the user-established threshold for revenue or review count.


In the example above, and below, more than seven of the top ten products met the revenue criteria, while fewer than seven of the ten met the review criteria. Notice that all ten of the top products can meet one of the criteria, but if fewer than seven products meet the second criteria, only one check mark is lit.


3. If exactly seven of the top ten products in the results meet the criteria for both revenue and review count, the Success Score shows two green check marks.


4. The Success Score will light up three check marks if, for one of the criteria, seven of the top ten products meet the criteria, but more than seven of the top ten products meet the second criteria.



5. Finally, Xray’s Success Score lights up all four check marks when more than seven of the top ten products identified in the keyword search results meet both the revenue and the review count criteria you’ve established under the settings.



To understand the Success Score and learn how to set up your Two Factor Success Score settings, check out the article, “What Is the Success Score in Xray?” 

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