How Do I Connect My Helium 10 Account to My Walmart Seller Account?

Some of the tools in the Helium 10 suite require the seller to grant 3rd party developers, like Helium 10, special permission to access and import your data from your Walmart account into your e-commerce management software account. One of these tools is Profits, Helium 10’s financial analytics software.

To connect your Walmart account to your Helium 10 account, you will need to begin by logging into your established Walmart Seller Center account. During this process, you will be adding Helium 10 as one of your approved 3rd party developers and then copying over your Walmart API Key data into your Helium 10 account.

1. Log into your Walmart Seller Center account. Using the drop-down menu found under Settings, locate and click on the API Key Management link.


2. On the API screen, click the blue Walmart Developer Portal button.


3. From the Production Keys tab, you can generate a new API Key for Helium 10 by clicking + Add New Key For a Solution Provider button.


4. In the pop-up window, use the drop-down menu to locate and select Helium 10.


5. Next, set your permissions to allow Helium 10 to import your Walmart data to your Helium 10 account. Take care to set all permissions to full access except for the Get Feeds and Reports items. If you miss one of these required permission settings, you will not be able to connect the accounts. Click the Submit button.


6. Helium 10 should now appear on the list of approved 3rd party Solution Providers. You should also get a confirmation pop-up window alerting you that Helium 10 has been added.


Leave this window open, because you will need to copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret alphanumeric strings into your Helium 10 account.


7. Now, it’s time to connect your Walmart account to your existing Helium 10 account. Log into Helium 10. From the dashboard, access the Connections area in your Profile, using the drop-down menu located in the top, right corner.


8. On the Connect your Seller Accounts page, click on the + Add Seller Account button.


9. A window will pop open asking you to ‘Choose your Platform.’ Click on the Connect to Walmart button.


10. On the next screen, create a name for this Walmart marketplace by typing it into the open field for Walmart Seller Alias. This name will be displayed in both the marketplace selector in the various tools, and on screen, when you are using the software for this account. When you’ve created an easy-to-recognize name, click the Next button.


11. The next window includes the instructions from above for generating the Client ID and Client Secret, in case you haven’t done so yet, and the fields where you paste those alphanumeric strings.


To copy the Client Secret alphanumeric string, you do need to make it temporarily visible.


12. Helium 10 will confirm the successful linking of your Walmart and Helium 10 accounts.


13. If you do not get a confirmation window, you may have missed a step or failed to activate all required permissions (see step three above). Follow the instructions on the screen to make any corrections.


14. After you make the changes in Walmart Seller Center, allow the site up to ten minutes to update or reset its permissions before you click on the blue Retry button.


Once all of the required permissions are granted, you should get the message stating the accounts are connected.

It takes up to 24 hours for your Walmart financial data to update in Profits.

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