How Do I Reset My Editable Rules in ADS?

Editable Rules Reset Feature

If you made a mistake or want to undo a campaign structure for any reason, you can utilize the Reset feature. All campaigns that are in an existing campaign structure will also feature a Reset button in the Configure column.

1. Click on the Reset button, located in the Configure column, for the campaign that you want to reset. This action will open the Reset Campaign Rules to Default form. 


2. The Reset Campaign Rules to Default form allows you to disconnect your campaigns from the structure to which they are linked. Using this feature also resets the ACoS Target to the default setting of 30%. This default ACoS can be edited on the Suggestions page under Configure Settings, or you can select these campaigns again later to change the default ACoS once the campaigns are disconnected. 


When you click the Reset to Default button, you cannot undo the action. If you do not want to reset the campaigns, click Cancel to exit the window.

Once you have disconnected the ad campaigns, and if you want to add the campaigns to a different structure, follow the instructions appearing in the article "ADS PRO Training: How Do I Modify ADS Campaign Rules for Suggestions?" starting at section two.


Don't have the extension yet? Download the Helium 10 Chrome Extension.


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