Black Box PRO Training Video: Advanced Rank Filters for Keywords

Black Box’s advanced rank filters for keywords are some of the best ways to dive deeper into your product research. Let’s take a closer look at this unique methodology for finding product opportunities on Amazon.

To find the advanced rank filters in Black Box, click on the Keywords tab near the top.


Input your normal search volume and category parameters (like you would for a routine Black Box search). Then direct your attention to the Revenue Competitors field.


When you search for a keyword using Black Box, the Revenue Competitors field allows you to refine your results to keywords containing products with more than 2,500, 5,000, or 10,000 dollars in estimated monthly revenue.


For example, let’s look for at least six ranking products of a keyword’s search results that have more than $5,000 in estimated revenue over the last 30 days. Remember, this is not pulling an average like normal Black Box parameters would be giving you. Advanced rank filters allow you to see results for your exact criteria, just make sure your min/max values are between 1 and 10.


Before we run this search, let’s utilize one more advanced filter: the Reviews Competitors filter. You will find this directly to the right of the Revenue Competitors filter.


Since our min/max numbers must fall between 1 and 10, let’s look for five products that are on page one for the keyword and only have 75 or fewer reviews.


Click Search.


Now that we have our results, we can chase them down on Amazon to confirm their viability. To do this, click on the ellipses at the far right of your desired keyword result. 


Then click View on Amazon.


Now we can identify possible product opportunities based not only on average search volume, but on specific sales revenue ranges and review counts.


Note: Results reflect product information at the last time Helium 10 checked its status (within the last 30 days). Occasional discrepancies are possible.


Let’s take a look at one more advanced filter: the Rating Competitors filter. You will find this immediately to the right of the Reviews Competitors filter.


The Ratings Competitors filter allows you to narrow results by product star rating. Note, the product star rating refers to the literal number of stars it has overall, not the content of the reviews themselves.


Let’s look for at least five of the top 10 ranking products for this keyword’s search results with a four star rating or lower.


Click Search.


Now we have a refined list showing us keywords tied to products that people declined to give a five star rating. 


Again, follow these keywords to Amazon (via the action column on the right) to find those products that you can improve on.


With these advanced filters, you can now laser focus the massive Helium 10 database of Amazon product information to find product opportunities with low competition (based on exact revenue, reviews, and rating).



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