ADS PRO Training: How Do I Modify ADS Campaign Rules for Suggestions?


This video presents an overview of the Ad Manager tab in ADS, and then focuses in on how to modify or reset the Rules for Suggestions on an existing campaign. (If you want to skip the overview portion of the video, and just watch the instructions for editing the rules, begin watching at the 4:30 mark.)

On the Ad Manager page, the Configure column lets you change and update the rules previously set for campaigns built in ADS, as well as add new rules to campaigns that are uploaded into ADS. 

I. Editing Campaigns Built in ADS

1. Click on the cog icon in the Configure column for the campaign you previously created in ADS. modify_ad_campaign_rule_1.png

2. A Campaign Rules Update window will open, showing you all of the settings you originally established for this campaign.


3. You can change the ACoS Targets, the New Keyword Rules threshold, Search Term Isolation, Negative Keywords threshold clicks and/or Threshold cost. Make all the desired changes.



If you want to review the meaning of each field, hover over the available tool tips (the small circle with an 'i' in it). A small window will appear with an explanation.


4. You can also change whether the keyword rules are applied automatically by ADS by toggling the Automate button to yes, or you can leave set to no, so that you can apply changes manually on the Suggestions page. Note that if you choose to turn on Automation, changes will not appear on the Suggestions page, but will be automatically recorded in the Change Log.


5. When you’re finished modifying the fields, click the Save Changes button.


6. The Campaign Rules Update window will close, taking you back to the Ad Manager screen with a confirmation flag saying: Success. Rules have been successfully updated.


The updated rules will take effect within 24 hours.

II. Editing Campaigns Imported from Seller Central

If you previously built a campaign in Seller Central (or another third party tool), when you import it into ADS, you will automatically see bid suggestions for all campaign keywords on the Suggestions page. You can also add rules for New Keyword and Negative Keyword suggestions using the Campaign Rules Form.

1. Click on the cog icon in the Configure column of a campaign that you previously imported from outside ADS.


2. The Campaign Rules Form will open, and all the fields will be empty because the campaign was not originally built in ADS.


3. Use the drop-down menu under the Campaign name to select the Ad Group you want to attach to this campaign. (Note that the campaign you choose will always appear at the top of the rules flow, so make sure it is an Auto campaign or a Keyword campaign that gets search term results, if you would like to add New Keyword rules.)


4. Add an ACoS Target and enter the Negative Keyword Rules. The lower the Threshold clicks and Threshold costs you enter, the more Negative keyword suggestions you will receive.


If you click the Save Changes button at this stage, you have limited your edits to Negative Keyword Rules. The campaign will be locked from making any further edits or modifications. However, you can use the Reset button described below in section three to unlock the campaign to add it to a campaign flow at a later time. 

5. If you also want to add campaigns for New Keyword suggestions, select a campaign from the drop-down menu under the Automated Keyword Harvesting section. Note that currently only one Ad Group per Campaign can be added into a campaign structure. To follow the layout of our recommended campaign structure, first add an Auto campaign, followed by a Broad Match Keyword Ad Group, and then an Exact Match Keyword Ad Group.


You can add one or two campaigns and as you add them into the flow, they will appear in the boxes located at the bottom of the window under Auto-Optimization Flow Layout. Note the keywords that will be suggested for the second campaign from the first campaign will be Broad match, and keywords that will be suggested for the third campaign from the second will be Exact match keywords.


6. Add the New Keyword Rules for this campaign including Threshold sales and whether or not you’d like Search Turn Isolation activated. Remember, the minimum Threshold sales suggestion is two (2) sales, meaning if a search term has two sales under your ACoS target, you consider it a success. Setting this to only one sale will give you more New Keyword suggestions, but it may include keywords that are not actually relevant to your product. Standard practice is to set the threshold to two sales.


7. Click the Save Changes button. It can take up to 24 hours for New Keyword suggestions to appear on the Suggestions page. We do not recommend activating Automation for the Negative Keyword and New Keyword rules until you have reviewed and approved the suggestions your new campaign structure provides. 


8. When you click on the Save Changes button, the Campaign Rules Form will close, and a Success flag will flash in the lower right corner of the Ad Manager screen.


III. Editable Rules Reset Feature

If you made a mistake or want to undo a campaign structure for any reason, you can utilize the Reset feature. All campaigns that are in an existing campaign structure will also feature a Reset button in the Configure column.

9. Click on the Reset button, located in the Configure column, for the campaign that you want to reset. This action will open the Reset Campaign Rules to Default form. 


10. The Reset Campaign Rules to Default form allows you to disconnect your campaigns from the structure to which they are linked. Using this feature also resets the ACoS Target to the default setting of 30%. This default ACoS can be edited on the Suggestions page under Configure Settings, or you can select these campaigns again later to change the default ACoS once the campaigns are disconnected. 


When you click the Reset to Default button, you cannot undo the action. If you do not want to reset the campaigns, click Cancel to exit the window.

Once you have disconnected the ad campaigns, and if you want to add the campaigns to a different structure, follow the instructions appearing at the start of this article.

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