How Do I Update Account Level Rules?


Adtomic is built on a series of algorithms that dictate the rules for the keyword bid suggestions, as well as for new and negative keyword suggestions.

While new and negative keyword suggestions can currently only be found on the Suggestions page if you create a campaign in Adtomic, the keyword bid suggestions are available for every campaign keyword (or ASIN target) in Adtomic.

For these keyword bid suggestions, we have created options to edit some default settings, such as the 30% default ACoS for all keyword bid suggestions for campaigns uploaded into Adtomic (campaigns not created in Adtomic). 


I. Rules Editing

1. To edit default settings, open up Adtomic and go to the Suggestions page, and click on the Bids tab. To configure the default Suggestions settings, look for the settings 'cog' icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 


If you click the settings cog, you’ll be able to do three things:

  • Change the 30% default ACoS that governs all uploaded campaigns into Adtomic; 
  • Set a Maximum Bid for all keyword Bid suggestions across Adtomic so the software will never make a suggestion over your specific bid amount;
  • Set up to 20 Ignored Keywords for any keyword you know in advance for which you don’t need to see a suggestion (such as branded terms).

2. Set the changes you want to see in your account, then click the blue Apply Settings button.


All of these settings are optional, but once they are updated, we have also added the option for Automation. 

II. Rules Automation

In the Ad Manager, there is a column called Automate. All Manual campaigns are eligible for automation because they generate keyword bid suggestions. (Auto campaigns are not eligible for automation because there are no keywords in Auto campaigns.)

1. In Adtomic, go to the Ad Manager page and locate the Automate column. Use the toggle buttons in the Automate column to activate or deactivate the setting.


2. Once you activate the toggle, keyword Bid suggestions for that campaign will start to be applied automatically within 24 hours. Again, new keyword and negative keyword suggestions generated from campaigns created in Adtomic do not currently fall under the automation setting and will still have to be applied manually. 

Once activated, keyword bid suggestions for that campaign will no longer appear on the Suggestions page since they are auto-applied. All changes are recorded in the handy Change Log located just below the Suggestions page. 

On the Change Log screen, you can see all the keyword Bids applied on your behalf by using the Automation Change filter.


This is the first version of our planned updates on the ability to edit Rule settings. We have designed it so that new users of Adtomic can immediately update some default settings to all of their uploaded campaigns without necessarily having to create new ones. 

To learn more about the types of keyword bid changes, please review our training material on Suggestions.


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