Alta: What Is Supplier Pay?


Supplier Pay allows you to use the funds/currencies held in your Digital Wallet to send payments around the world in an easy and cost effective way. 

Pay for inventory, shipping, and other expenses all from the Alta platform. Save your supplier payment history (“Transaction Search” tab) and create a supplier library (“Recipients” tab) for quicker future payments. 


Supplier Pay becomes especially powerful as you start to sell and pay globally.

For example: maybe you’re a UK based seller that started selling in the US now that you can accept payouts using Marketplace Payouts. You’ve started to receive USD into your Digital Wallet from Now you can keep USD in your Wallet without converting back to GBP (saving you the ~1.5% Amazon charges you to convert currencies). With those funds you could start paying some local suppliers in USD. Or Supplier Pay even allows you to convert the USD into 37 different currencies to pay suppliers in their local currency worldwide (potentially getting you a ‘local discount’!).

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