What Information Is Displayed by the Listing Evaluator and the Other Chrome Extension Widgets?


When the Chrome Extension is installed on your computer and active, you can see enhanced product information on Amazon search results pages and product pages.

Amazon Search Results Pages

If you initiate a search on Amazon, you prompt a search results page to open. Amazon displays products associated with the search term you entered, usually in descending order from most popular to the least popular. It also displays sponsored products, for which sellers have paid to have appear whenever a customer conducts a search using a specific search term.


When the Chrome Extension is active, Helium 10 displays additional information about the products’ BSR and number of sellers. It also provides a link to Profitability Calculator (see additional videos and articles).


Click the linked Calculate fees text to open Profitability Calculator.


Let’s move on to see the additional information the Chrome Extension displays on a product page.


Amazon Product Pages

An additional set of widgets and useful links live on the product page when the Helium 10 Chrome Extension is active.


The Listing Evaluator appears on every product page and assigns a quality score of one (low) to ten (high), based on the images and copy presented on a product page.


Under the product listing information, the Chrome Extension widget includes a variety of displayed information and action links. Users can view a historical graph of the product’s list price, actual selling price, and corresponding sales rank. This graph can be filtered to show the last 24 hours, the last seven days, the last thirty days, the last ninety days, the past year, and All Time, which tracks back to when the ASIN first appeared on Amazon.

Convenient links along the top of the graph open other tools like Inventory Levels, Xray, Profitability Calculator, Cerebro and Scribbles.


Clicking on Cerebro will prompt a keyword research based on the product and its relevant keywords.


Clicking on Listing Optimizer will open Scribbles and import all the front-end listing data from this product page into the tool for user analysis.




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