How Do I Request Customer Reviews Using the Helium 10 Seller Assistant Extension?

Helium 10 has a two Chrome Extensions that run on Amazon. The first, one of Helium 10's original set of tools, includes Xray, ASIN Grabber, Inventory Levels, Profitability Calculator and Review Insights, and works when you are doing product research directly on the Amazon retail site.

The second extension, Seller Assistant Extension, works when you are logged into your professional Seller Central account. You can use this tool to manually send a request for a review, following a sale in the U.S. Marketplace. Currently, the Seller Assistant Extension only works for

Let's discover how easy it is to ask for a product review with the new Seller Assistant Extension.

1. First, you'll need to install the new Chrome Extension. Go to Helium 10's link to the Chrome Store. Click on the blue Add to Chrome button.


2. Now, sign into your Seller Central account. Confirm that your Seller Assistant Extension is activated. It will be a blue Helium 10 icon with dark blue background. You will be prompted to enable the extension with two permission boxes. Click Enable Now on the first, and the the white Allow button on the second.



3. With the Seller Assistant extension, you can either click on the icon in the menu bar to open a window with a button that takes you to your orders, or you can use Seller Central's navigation to access the page. 



4. On the Manage Orders page in Seller Central, you have the option of either sending requests in bulk or individually. Use the blue button at the top of the list to request reviews on all the eligible orders on the page. To send a review request to an individual order, simply use the available blue button adjacent to that order. If an order is ineligible for a request, the blue button will say Request Ineligible. 


5. You can limit which orders receive requests by using the date range drop-down button, then click on Helium 10's blue Request Reviews On This Page button.. You can request reviews in a limited date range, from 5 to 30 days from the time of the sale. 


6. That's it. Reviews have been requested. The button will fade, and now say "Finished Requesting Reviews." Remember, if you prefer to make the requests individually, you can click on the order itself and then click on the blue Request Reviews button.


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