Cerebro PRO Training Video: How to Use the Exact ASIN Match and Get Competitors Buttons

Cerebro is perhaps our most popular Amazon seller tool in the Helium 10 collection. While the majority of sellers use the “Get Keywords” search button (Cerebro’s primary function), many end up missing out on two helpful features of this remarkable tool. 

Let’s take a look at the “Exact ASIN Match” and “Get Competitors” buttons, found on either side of the “Get Keywords” button.


Traditionally, you would use the “Get Keywords” button to discover related keywords for every variation of a given product. 

Find a product on Amazon with multiple variations (colors, flavors, sizes) and copy its ASIN (found as a short string of numbers and all capital letters in the URL).


Paste this product ASIN into Cerebro and, without checking the “Exact ASIN Match” box, click “Get Keywords.”


As you can see, Cerebro gives us a list of related keywords for not only the specific product variation we found, but all other “sibling” variations as well. In this case, 2,848 keywords.


Most of the time, these are the results you’d want: a holistic selection of keywords for your product. Your potential customers (and keywords) may not differ much depending on different flavors of a product.

However, a customer looking for a purple product may require different keywords than a customer looking for a grey product.

This time, let’s run the same search (on the same ASIN), but check the “Exact ASIN Match” before clicking the “Get Keywords” button.


Now, Cerebro displays only the related keywords for the specific product variation (color, flavor, size) you selected.


What about the “Get Competitors” button?

Again, copy and paste a product ASIN into Cerebro. However, instead of clicking “Get Keywords,” click “Get Competitors.”


As you can see below, Cerebro generates a list of similar, competing products based on related keywords to your initial product.


Now you have a clear list of products for your competitor research, and it only took a few seconds. But let’s go a step further. Say you want to compare the keywords of these competing products directly against your own.

Click on each competing product you want to compare. As you do so, Cerebro will highlight them. Once you have made your selections, click “close.”


Each of these competing ASINs are automatically added to your Cerebro search (along with your initial ASIN). Click “Get Keywords.”


You now have a full list of related keywords for your selected products.




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