How Do I See the Search Volume History in Cerebro and Magnet?

Want to see the search volume trends for a keyword without opening up Trendster? 

Cerebro and Magnet both now have an added feature inside their Search Volume data column. 

You will still see the most recent estimated monthly search volume for a keyword, but now you can also view its historical search volume from the previous year, up through the previous week. (At the end of every week, Helium 10 incorporates the complete weekly search volume for the prior week. So, at the end of the second week of a given month, for example, Cerebro and Magnet will display the historical data through the end of the first week of that month.)

To use the feature, search one or more ASINs. In the Filtered keywords list with the search results, go to the Search Volume column. Click on the graph icon located next to the search volume number.


The graph icon prompts a window to open with the Search Volume History for the product. You can set the view to the past 30 days, the past 90 days, one year, and for All Time. All Time will show all the available historical data for the keyword. This time frame will vary depending on the keyword.


You can see data from specific dates by hovering your cursor over the line graph. Where data points appear, a window with the specific day, year and search volume will appear.


Another feature of the line graph popup is that it allows you to zoom in on a specific time period. Place your cursor over the graph, right click your mouse and drag across the section of the graph you want to zoom in on. 




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