How Do I See the Search Volume History in Cerebro and Magnet?

Why is Search Volume Data Valuable?

Search Volume is a metric that is frequently used to help determine how successful a keyword is. In addition to general keyword success, looking up the historical search volume can also be useful for determining seasonal spikes.

How to Find Search Volume Data

To use the feature, search for one or more ASINs in Cerebro or one or more keywords in Magnet. In the Filtered keywords list with the search results, go to the Search Volume column. Click on the graph icon located next to the search volume number.


The graph icon prompts a window to open with the Search Volume History for the product. You can set the view to the past 30 days, the past 90 days, one year, and for All Time. All Time will show all the available historical data for the keyword and will vary depending on the keyword.

You can hover your mouse over the graph to see the Search Volume values at that time.


Another feature of the line graph popup is that it allows you to zoom in on a specific time period. Place your cursor over the graph, click, and drag across the section of the graph you want to zoom in on.  


What is the Search Volume Trend Metric?

The Search Volume Trend column compares current search volume data to last month's search volume data to provide a quick metric on whether this keyword is trending in a positive or negative direction. This helps determine which keywords are currently hot or cold.

How to Determine the Number of Sales Generated from a Keyword

The Keyword Sales column shows an estimate of the number of sales generated from each keyword. This metric is based on Amazon data.

How Often is the Search Volume Data Updated? 

At the end of every week, Helium 10 incorporates the complete weekly search volume for the prior week. So, at the end of the second week of a given month, for example, Cerebro and Magnet will display the historical data through the end of the first week of that month.

Where Does the Search Volume Data Come from?

Helium 10's Search Volume is an estimate that is based on Amazon data and is considered highly accurate.

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