Alerts PRO Training Video: Managing Which Alerts You Get


Helium 10’s Alerts software gives you peace of mind by continuously monitoring the most critical events that can impact your Amazon business.

Since Amazon customers shop your products anytime, day or night, your business is also running nonstop, even when you’re asleep or away on holiday. If your product listing disappears or your product drops off the first page of a customer’s search results page--and you don’t notice it for days or weeks--it can mean the loss of significant sales during that time, and later, when you’re trying to recover the Buy Box.

Fortunately, Alerts helps you protect your business by notifying you as soon as an event happens. It’s easy to set up and select which events you’d like to be notified about regarding your products and listings. Helium 10 also lets you receive alerts in a variety of methods, by email, by smart phone, or through the Helium 10 mobile app.

You can watch our PRO Training video about the process or skip down to read the instructions.

Let’s set your Alerts preferences.

1. Sign in to your Helium 10 account, and go to your Alerts dashboard.


2. Click on the Settings button located in the top right corner.


3. Go to the section in settings titled Application Preferences, and click on the Alerts tab.


To select which events you want to receive notifications, check the box next to the event under the delivery method—email notification, SMS phone notification, or a Push Notification via the Helium 10 app. When the box is green with a check mark showing, that means the event has been selected, and you will receive notifications if any changes occur of its nature.

Please note that SMS Notifications are limited to only the most critical events, Buy Box lost, and Listing suppressed. These two events dramatically impact sales almost immediately; therefore, most sellers will want to investigate the event as soon as possible.

Finally, to understand the significance of the various notification items, be sure to watch the PRO Training video, “Alerts – Introduction and Overview.”


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