Trendster PRO Training Video: Introduction and Overview

Many consumer products are marketed and sold seasonally. For example, few people purchase winter gloves in July or summer lawn games in January. You need to be able to project the best time to manufacture products and how much inventory to stock.

Helium 10's Trendster can help you research products and plan for future sales by pulling past sales data. Whether you want to know the time of year a product sells best, or whether a specific product's sales are generally trending up or down over time, use Trendster to gather the facts needed to focus your future product line.

1. To begin using Trendster, open the Tools menu and select Trendster.

Trendster is a product research tool, so it needs specific products to begin a search. Primarily, it searches using existing ASINs. Typically, sellers will use Trendster to search for products based on a specific event, season, or theme. Trendster also pulls Google search volume data on associated keywords, if you want to add this component to your analysis.


2. Helium 10 allows you to search many of Amazon's marketplaces in Trendster. To change which market you search, use the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner.


3. After you’ve selected the marketplace, enter the ASINs you would like to research and click START TRENDSTER


4. The products associated with the ASINs will appear in a list. Each ASIN search pulls up the product name, main image, average customer rating, and the number of customer reviews. Below these details, it produces a graph with the sales price and sales rank over time. At the top of the graph, you can select the timeframe you want to display.


5. Trendster's second feature, the option to add keywords to the search, allows you to determine whether buyers are also searching Google for a particular type of product. There are four fields, and you can either type in the same search terms to show a side-by-side comparison with each product, or you can type in different terms and pull up four different graphs. The new second set of graphs on the right side of the window displays data from Google searches. At the top of the graph, you can select the timeframe you want to display.


Trendster gives you the most efficient way to review past sales of various products on the market and to help you anticipate future sales. You can also research the products you sell via Amazon to see their sales history, and to help you plan for a more efficient sales cycle.

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