Cerebro: How to Find All the Keywords an Amazon Product is Ranking for

This article and video will show you exactly how to determine which keywords an Amazon product ranks for. This data can be useful to an Amazon seller in a number of ways.

Why is This Important?

Knowing what keywords to insert into your listing and which keywords to use in your advertising campaigns is extremely important for the success of your product.

How to Choose a Product to Research

To begin your keyword research journey, you must first choose a product. You can either research your own product or a direct competitor to see which keywords they are ranking for. Once you’ve chosen a product, copy its ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and paste it into Cerebro.

Using Cerebro

To access Cerebro, open the Tools menu and select Cerebro under Keyword Research.

Paste the ASIN into the Cerebro search field and select Get Keywords.

  • Make sure you are researching the correct marketplace. You can view and change the marketplace by clicking on the brand + flag symbol on the left side of the search field.

  • Consider if you want to exclude variations in your research. Most common variations include different sizes or colors. The checkbox for this option is on the right side of the Get Keywords and Get Competitors buttons.

The Keyword Distribution section shows the total keywords for this ASIN as well as the Organic and Paid keywords. Organic keywords are the regular Amazon search results. The Paid keywords are from sponsored advertising campaigns.

Organic keywords shown in the results will be from sometime in the last 30 days. To discover a specific keyword timeline, you can hover over the value in the Organic Rank column to see when this ASIN was showing up in a search using this keyword.

To find the keywords that most often convert into sales, try using the Organic Rank filter and then selecting Apply Filters. As an example, we use 1 for the minimum value and 50 for the maximum value. This will show the top 50 ranking organic keywords for this ASIN. These are the most useful keywords to research since most customers don’t search that far down on a list of products.


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