How Do I Install and Use the Helium 10 Mobile App?


Helium 10's mobile app lets you check for important updates using your smartphone. Your most important data in Profits, ADS, and Alerts can be accessed via the app, at any time, on the go.

The free Helium 10 app is available both from the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Click on the links here to download and install the app, following the instructions provided by your phone.

The app only works for Helium 10 accounts linked to MWS Tokens. To see the ADS data, you must also activate the PPC Token. If you have not yet connected your Helium 10 and Amazon Seller accounts, follow the instructions located in the article "How Do I Connect My Helium 10 Account to My Professional Amazon Seller Account."

You will also need to approve push notifications to receive Alerts’ most important updates. Android users will be prompted to approve notifications when they install the app. Apple users will be prompted to approve them the first time they open Alerts. (To activate them at a later time, you can go into your smartphone settings, tap Notifications, tap Helium 10, and then tap Allow Notifications. You can also customize your notifications settings under your member profiles on the Helium 10 dashboard.)

Getting Started

1. When you open the app, you'll see one of three possible screens. Introductory screens identify the tools supported on the mobile app: Profits, ADS, and Alerts. You can swipe between them, or tap the Skip text to move forward. Tap on the blue Get Started button at the bottom of the Alerts screen to move forward to the log in screen.


You might also see a different, single screen appear when you open the app, especially after you have used the app at least once. Simply tap the screen to access the login screen.


2. To sign into your Helium 10 mobile app the first time, you have a choice of requesting a Magic Link or logging in with your email, the same way you sign in using your computer.

If you tap on the Send Magic Link request button, you will type in your Helium 10-related email to receive a direct link to log into the app without a password. Go to your email, open the message and tap on the blue Log in with Magic Link button.


If you tap on the Email option, you'll type in your Helium 10-associated email and Helium 10 password.


If your device is set up for biometric verification, you can also sign into Helium 10's app in subsequent visits using a fingerprint or face scan. To use this technology, you will need to log in the first time with your Helium 10-associated email and password. The app will prompt you to allow authentication. 


Navigating the App

The Helium 10 app is divided into four sections: Profits, ADS, Alerts and your Account.


3. The app screen with your Profits data will generally appear first, but the navigation menu is located at the bottom of the screen, if you want to go directly to Alerts, ADS or to your Account info. Simply tap the icon for the section of the app you want to view.


4. On the Profits mobile screen, the data is similar to what you see on the dashboard when you log in to the tool using your computer.

You can view data from different time frames (Today, Yesterday, Week, and Month) by swiping across the cards or tapping the date links where they appear. Profits' data is divided into sections reporting gross sales, orders, promos and refunds. The sales data is presented in descending order. 

Scroll down to see each section.


5. You can change the display for Sales Trends from Declining to Increasing by toggling between the two tabs. Just tap the linked text "Declining" or "Increasing" to change which products are shown.


6. If you want to see specific products appear under the Favorites section, you'll need to tag them on the Products window in the full version of the tool, using a computer. Both the Products and Orders sections can be expanded to see more products. Just tap the gold See All button in the top right corner.


7. When you tap on See All, your full list of products will load. If you tap on a specific product, the details for that product will open, along with line graphs comparing the data of the units sold, the gross sales and the refunds issued for the product. The line graphs represent the progression of change, comparing the previous and current months' data. To see the specific days' numbers, press your finger down on the screen on top of the line graph. The day's numbers will pop up on the screen. If you hold your finger down and then drag it across the graph, you can see the changing data.



8. The ADS screen displays a snapshot of current PPC Spend, PPC Sales, ACoS, Total Sales (TACoS) and the Conversion rate for all your PPC campaigns. 

At a glance, you can also see how your five highest ACoS campaigns and five highest keywords are performing, based on the conversion rate, and represented by the percentages and their colors in the ACoS fields. 

The data is based on the previous seven days data (minus the most recent three days due to the instability of that data). To see a more complete explanation, read "How Long Does It Take for ADS to Generate Suggestions."


If the ACoS number is at or below target, it will appear in green. If it is at target or running up to two times target, it will appear in yellow. Finally, if the ACoS number is more than two times the target, the percentage will appear in red.


9. To check your Alerts notifications, tap the Alerts icon in the center of the bottom menu. If you haven't set up notifications yet, the app will prompt you to do so again. By allowing notifications, Helium 10 can send you the most important Alerts, even when you are not using the app.


10. On the Alerts window, you can tap the menu in the top right corner to filter the types of Alerts displayed.



11. From the Account screen, you can send feedback, change your Push notification settings or log out.


12. Tapping on the "Send us feedback" link opens your device's default email app, from which you can send us an email. Keep in mind that the default email on your device may not match the email you have associated with your Helium 10 account.

13. Tapping on the "Push notifications setting" opens the Helium 10 web dashboard where you can customize your Push Notification preferences. To customize your Push Notifications, go to your profile, then to Application Preferences, then to Alerts, and finally, to Push Notifications.

14. Tap on Log out to return to the main Sign In screen.


The Helium 10 mobile app is available in 155 countries from Apple, and supports versions iOS 10+. The app is available in 149 countries from Google Play, and supports Android versions 5+. 



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