How Do I Use the New Advanced Filter in Cerebro to Broaden My Keyword Research?


In February 2020, Helium 10 added a new search filter to Cerebro to help you widen the scope of your keyword research. The new filter is designed to search for keywords that might have low overall average rankings in your search, but for which one or more of your ASINs is actually ranking quite high.

This tutorial shows you how to apply the new filter to your keyword research in order to uncover words for which only one or a few of your searched ASINs are ranking on the first page.

1. To use the Advanced Filter in Cerebro, open the program from the main Helium 10 dashboard. The link is located in the left side menu.


2. The Advanced Rank Filter only works when you are searching multiple ASINs at one time. Enter the ASINs you want to base your keyword research on into the empty Product ASINs field at the top of the page.


3. Click the black Get Keywords button under the search field. Depending on the number of keywords, this can take a few minutes.



4. This basic search, with no parameters set, returns a high number of keywords.


5. Now let's apply some of the filters. Helium 10 recommends a general practice of setting the search volume to 1,000, and the Position Rank between one and 25. Here, we follow this advice, along with setting the Ranking Competitors filter to a minimum of four.


The resulting search refines the keyword list to seven relevant phrases. We know, then, that these are relevant keywords for all of our searched ASINs. 


6. But what if a few of these ASINs are ranking on the first page for specific phrases that other ASINs are not? If one ASIN is ranking on the first page for a keyword, but the others aren't, then the average rank will be too low to appear in our research. To discover these important relevant keywords, Helium 10 has added an Advanced Rank Filter. For an initial search using the new filter, let's remove the Ranking Competitor and Position Rank filters from our search, and add the Advanced Rank Filter. We keep the Position Rank as part of the search because it's built into the Advanced Rank Filter.


This search results in one less filtered keyword in total, but we're getting a slightly different list. Instead of "purple scarf" and black scarf" the new search filters bring up "rave pashmina" and "pashmina shawls and wraps." 


Playing around with the numbers in the Advanced Filter Rank will increase or decrease the number of returned keywords. Importantly, new phrases will show up for which one or more of the ASINs--but not all--are ranking on the first page. If you hover your cursor over the Relative Rank column, you can see that some of the new phrases appearing in the new results are only ranking high for some of the ASINs. The lower ranking ASINs are pulling the overall average rank down significantly, which is why the new phrases did not appear in the original filtered search.


These new filtered keywords enlarge the list of relevant phrases you might use in your listings and PPC.


Continue to use the traditional filters in Cerebro when you start a keyword search using multiple ASINs, but also consider running an advanced search for those possible additional relevant keywords that only a few of the ASINs rank highly for in Amazon search results.



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