What Do I Do When My Helium 10 Chrome Extension Stops Working?

Web software is updated frequently. Google Chrome is no exception to this, and occasionally these updates can cause Helium 10's Chrome extension tools to experience temporary glitches. The tools communicate with Google's and Amazon's software to pull data for you, so if either Chrome or Amazon software updates or changes suddenly, it can impact the ability of the extension to work properly. Also, if you have multiple extensions activated inside your Chrome browser, they can conflict with each other.

Fortunately, Helium 10's developers are continuously monitoring and responding to changes affecting the tools. When a widespread event happens affecting all customer's extensions, our developers work to enact a fix immediately. Unfortunately, sometimes, you might be the only one with an issue, suggesting that the conflict is happening locally on your system. You may have to troubleshoot a few aspects of your system when these external updates happen.
If you encounter issues with the Helium 10 Chrome Extension, we recommend following the simple and fast steps listed below.
I. Update Your Chrome Extensions
Usually, Chrome extensions update on your system automatically, but occasionally, the updates do not take effect. We recommend that you simply update all of your extensions. To update your Chrome extensions:
  1. Access the Internet using Google Chrome (You are probably already accessing this site using Chrome, but if you are using another browser, open a new window using Chrome.)

  2. At the top of the browser window, in the address bar, type chrome://extensionsScreen_Shot_2019-12-17_at_2.46.06_PM.png

  3. At the top of the Extensions page, in the right corner, click the slider button next to Developer mode to activate it. Screen_Shot_2019-12-17_at_2.53.34_PM.png

  4. Three new buttons will appear on the top left of the window, under the blue Extensions title bar. Click on the Update button.


This action manually updates all of your extensions to the latest version. Switch out of Developer mode by clicking on the slider button in the top right corner again. The three developer buttons will disappear.

Now, check to see if updating your Chrome extensions fixed the conflicts affecting Helium 10's Chrome Extension. If the extension is working now, continue your product research. If the extension is still not working, try updating the Chrome Browser itself next.

II. Update Your Chrome Browser

On very rare occasions, your computer may need a Chrome Browser update. Usually Chrome updates automatically, but your system may have failed to update. To update your Chrome Browser, you should follow Chrome's step-by-step instructions for the appropriate device.

 III. Clear Your Cookies

A third possible issue causing the Helium 10 Chrome Browser to glitch could be interference from another website's cookies. Cookies are useful because they track your history and make it easy for websites to recognize you and provide relevant information whenever you visit their sites. But, like other Chrome extensions, they can interfere with Helium 10's Chrome Extension. If you do clear your cookies, keep in mind that you will be logged out of any other websites you visit, and any saved preferences you have will be lost.  Clear your cookies in Chrome.

IV. Check Your Chrome Settings

Chrome Extension issues and complaints can also be caused by incorrect Cookies settings. Check your settings by accessing the following link chrome://settings/content/cookies, which should look like this, with the "Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)" clicked to active:


If you do not like other sites tracking your internet data in the form of cookies, you can add Helium 10 to the Allow list. We don't recommend this route, because you'll also need to add Amazon and all other sites where you have accounts that require cookies, including your social media accounts, your email accounts, etc., but it is an option. To allow individual sites to use cookies, click on the Add button in the Allow section, and type [*.] plus the website url into the open field. Click Add.



V. Help, My Chrome Browser is Still Not Working Correctly!

We are here to help. In order for our developers to quickly and accurately identify why your installed Helium 10 Chrome Extension is not working, we need the following information:
  1. A diagnostic report including your computer or device's operating system (OS) type and version, your Google Chrome version, and your Helium 10 Extension version. To generate this report, open a web page using Chrome. Make sure the Helium 10 icon appears in your menu bar. Screen_Shot_2019-12-18_at_1.42.51_PM.png2. Click on the pale gray gear wheel in the bottom right corner of the Helium 10 drop-down menu. The Helium 10 extension options window will open. Screen_Shot_2019-12-18_at_1.49.37_PM.png3. Click on the Run Diagnostics button in the bottom right corner. Screen_Shot_2019-12-18_at_1.51.36_PM.png4. Click on the report where it appears in the footer, or find and open it from the folder where your downloads go (usually your Download folder). Screen_Shot_2019-12-18_at_1.53.56_PM.png5. The report will open as a .txt file. When you contact customer service, please attach this file for the developers to review.

In your message to customer service--with your diagnostic report attached--please:

  1. Describe the issue.
  2. Explain how often the issue happens.
  3. Explain what action precedes the issue.
  4. List the Amazon pages or products where the error happens or reproduces.
  5. List all third-party extensions installed in your Google Chrome.

Screenshots are greatly appreciated as well.

When you have the necessary information ready, please contact us so we can fix any issues quickly and efficiently.


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