Why Isn't My Product Indexing for a Specific Keyword?


Sometimes, when you run Index Checker for a keyword related to your product, you discover that your product is not showing up in Amazon's search engine results. Why? The general answer is that Amazon has decided that the keyword is not relevant to your product. What can you do to make it relevant?

First, as you run a search, make sure that your Amazon page is set to ship products to your region. Amazon does not always produce the same results in an identical search for every geographical region. Simply changing the Deliver to address can completely change which products appear in which order on a search results page.


Secondly, check that your product is still assigned to the relevant category. Sometimes, Amazon (or an unscrupulous competitor) changes the product category for your ASIN. Amazon has nearly 50 categories now. If your product gets relisted as an adult product, your PPC will be disabled, and your product won't show up on a general customer search.



Other possible reasons your product does not appear on the results page in a search is that the keyword is an Amazon forbidden word, or that the word is a trademarked brand name.

To attempt to get Amazon to index your product for a specific keyword, consider rewriting your product title and listing. Use the keyword multiple times. Add the keyword in your subject matter. If the category is accurate, consider using Gems to create a two-step url for your social media and online PPC campaigns. Learn how to create a two-step url.

Finally, you can open a case up with Amazon. When you contact them, we recommend that you do not ask about indexing. Simply ask, "Why doesn't my product show up in the results for a search on this term?" or "Can you tell me why my product is not searchable for this word?"



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