How Can I Use ADS to Find New Keywords or Negative Keywords for My Existing Campaigns?


After you have a campaign running, you'll want to expand or optimize it. One way is to compare the effectiveness of your keywords against the search terms that Amazon is linking to them. ADS helps you easily review Amazon's search term data through the process in this tutorial.

1. Open up ADS from the main Helium 10 tool dashboard. Inside ADS, select the Ad Manager tab to open your list of campaigns.


2. In Ad Manager, select the Campaign for which you want to identify new or negative keywords. 


3. Sometimes, you'll be running a campaign with more than one ASIN, or more than one variation. To choose the Ad Group for which you are researching keywords, click on the Ad Group tab. A list will appear if you have more than one group.


4. Click on the desired Ad Group. Or, if you would like to see the search terms for every Ad Group within the Campaign, you can select the Search Terms tab from this screen.


5. Select the Search Terms tab to see all relevant Search Terms for that Ad Group.


6. Choose the time frame for the search. In general, you'll want to choose the longest time period available to find the maximum number of keywords.


7. You can sort the Search Terms by spend, sales, or ACOS to find terms you want to use as keywords in a new Campaign, or to set as negative targets if they are performing badly.


8. Use the Clipboard feature to save and use search terms. The Clipboard icon is located in front of the search terms.


Once you've saved the Search Terms to your clipboard, you can choose to add the keywords to an existing Campaign, or create a new one. With ineffective search terms, you can add them as negative keywords within your selected Campaign.



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