How Do I Add Images into My Follow-Up Emails


Brightening up your customer emails with graphics and images can make them more compelling to read. Follow-Up gives you two ways to incorporate visuals into the content of your message.

1. Follow-Up lets you insert your main product image into your emails to customers using the Template Tags. Place your cursor and click on the location inside the Message Editor where you want Follow-Up to place the image, then click on the blue plus button next to Product - Image.


2. To change the size of the image, edit the tag's default size number from 500 to a lower number.


3. You can try out different numbers to see the outcome in the Message Preview column. If you accidently delete some of the code and don't know how to fix it, just delete the whole tag, and add a new one to start over. (If you have changed your main image on Amazon since you made this template originally, and now want to use a new image, you will need to delete the tag, and reset the product information again as well.)


4. You may want to include additional images to further personalize your email. If the email is intended to show instructions on the product's use or care, you might want to use photos. Or, you might want to include a picture of your company employees for a personal touch. (At the time of this tutorial, Follow-Up doesn't yet have the functionality to change the size of an inserted picture, so you do need to manage the picture size before you import it. You'll want to keep the dimensions and size fairly small for emails, regardless.) To import a picture, click on the picture icon in the menu bar located under the Message Editor column.


5. This action opens the Images folder where Follow-Up stores your uploaded images. To add a new image to the folder, click on the gold Add New button in the lower left corner of the window.


6. A search window with access to view your computer files will open. Go to the location in your computer where the photo or image is stored.


7. Find the image you want to import to Follow-Up, select it, and click on the blue Open button in the lower right corner to upload the image.


8. Follow-Up imports your selected image into the Images folder so you can use them inside your email.


9. When you select the image you want to use, Follow-Up frames it in blue to show this is the image you want to insert. Click on the blue Insert button in the lower right corner of the Images window.


10. Follow-Up inserts your image into the email. If the image is not the size you want it to be, you'll need to change it using image editing software before importing it into Helium 10.


11. You can view the final version of the email with your image inserted by checking the preview screen under the main Templates dashboard, or by sending yourself a text email.



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