Why Do Temporary Discrepancies Happen in Profits?



Helium 10's Profits tool pulls and organizes your data directly from Amazon's API.

Because the data is being collected frequently (every 5 minutes for Diamond and Elite members, every 30 minutes for Platinum members), it's important to interpret it as a snapshot of your Amazon records. Unlike traditional business reports that are pulled at the end of a day, or at the end of month, and are therefore somewhat static, Profits's reports are dynamic and progressive.

There are several reasons the data can appear to have minor discrepancies, but then resolve in time.

1) Helium 10 gets the data directly from Amazon's API, therefore, the numbers are dependent on Amazon's records, which update on Amazon's schedule.

2) Profits includes pending customer orders in its income calculations. If any orders get cancelled, that income report will adjust to reflect that change.

3) Like Amazon, Helium 10 operates on Pacific Standard Time. Even if you are selling in a marketplace with a different time zone, the timing of the information in Profits still adheres to PST.

4) Finally, Profits does not account for some fees, like coupon redemptions or storage, in its cost breakdown.



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