How Do I Connect My Helium 10 Account to My Professional Amazon Seller Account?

Some of Helium 10's most powerful tools help you manage and protect your Amazon seller business. In order to use these tools, you must grant Helium 10 access to your Amazon account data. Serious Seller tools like Alerts, Inventory Protector, Refund Genie, Profits, ADS and Follow-Up won't work until you authorize approval for at least one of your tokens.

If you do not have a Professional Seller account with Amazon, you will not be able to connect an MWS Token to your Helium 10 account. You will still be able to use ADS to manage your PPC campaigns without an MWS Token, but you will need to authorize your PPC token.

Granting access to Helium 10 is quick and easy. This written tutorial takes you through the steps of connecting your account to Helium 10.

I. Connecting Your MWS Token

1. Sign into Helium 10.


2. On the Helium 10 dashboard, click on the drop-down menu under the personal icon in the upper right corner, and choose the Connected Accounts link.


3. In your Connected Accounts window, you'll see two types of buttons, one to add a Seller Account, or MWS Token, and one to add a PPC account. Click on the + Add Seller Account button.


4. A window will pop open asking you to create an Amazon Seller Alias for your account. The Alias is simply the name you wish to assign to the account you are connecting, so that you don't have to remember Amazon's long ID string for the account while you are using the Helium 10 tools. You will also need to select the Marketplace Region. If you sell in more than one region, you'll be able to add the second region or other accounts once this one is connected.


5. When you've filled in the Alias name and selected a Marketplace region, click the blue Next button in the lower right corner.


6. In the new window that appears, titled "Register Helium 10 on Amazon MWS," you can read the steps, or just click immediately on the blue GO TO SELLER CENTRAL button to begin the registration process.


7. A new browser window will open taking you to your Seller Central Account. Sign into your Amazon Seller Central account, if it prompts you to do so. Make sure that the Seller Account is the correct one you want to connect to your Helium 10 Account.


8. The window that opens next will be titled "Amazon Marketplace Web Services" and should display Helium 10's Developer Name and Developer ID. Click on the gold Next button to continue the process.


9. Clicking Next prompts a new window asking you to confirm that you want to give Helium 10 access to your Seller account. This action will allow Helium 10's software to populate your personal data into tools like Profits and Alerts, so you can track and manage your e-commerce business. Check the approval box and click Next to continue.


10. The new window should show that your approval for Helium 10 on Amazon is confirmed. You still need to give Helium 10 your Seller ID and Amazon's MWS Authorization Token. The easiest way to do this is to copy each alphanumeric string from Amazon to paste into the Helium 10 browser window. Select and copy the Seller ID.


11. Switch back to your Helium 10 member page in the first browser window. Paste your Seller ID into the appropriate box. Repeat the process for the MWS Authorization token. When you have pasted both alphanumeric strings into their relevant boxes, click the blue CONNECT NOW in the bottom right corner.


12. A window should display your "Seller Account Successfully Added!" The message in the window also notes that some of the tools will need to populate with your data, and depending on the number of products you sell, it could take Helium 10 up to 24 hours to gather it all for you. Click the CONFIRM button to go back to your Connect your Seller Accounts page.


13. Now, the connected MWS token should show on the Connect your Seller Accounts page inside Helium 10. Look for the green 'Active' button to confirm. If you want to authorize additional Amazon Seller Accounts to this Helium 10 account, click on the + Add Seller Account button.


Now that you've authorized your MWS connection, it's easy to do the same with your PPC token.

II. Connecting Your PPC Token

14. Sign into Helium 10, if you are not currently signed in.


15. On the Helium 10 dashboard, click on the drop-down menu under the personal icon in the upper right corner, and choose the Connected Accounts link.


16. In your Connected Accounts window, you'll see two types of buttons, one to add a Seller Account, or MWS Token, and one to add a PPC account. Click on the + Add PPC Account button.


17. This button takes you to your Amazon account. (You may be prompted to Sign-in to Amazon if you haven't yet.) A permission window will appear. Click on the gold Allow button.


18. Clicking on the Allow button returns you back to your Helium 10 member profile window. You can see and manage both MWS and PPC tokens from this screen. 


19. You can also check to see if your PPC token is connected by returning to the Connect your Seller Accounts window. A green 'Active' button will appear in the top right side of the PPC button.


III. Renewing Your Tokens

20. Periodically, Amazon will ask you to renew Helium 10's access. Simply sign into your Amazon Seller Central account, go to Manage your apps, and click on the Renew button in the Helium 10 row.


IV. Connecting Multiple Seller Accounts to Your Helium 10 Account

21. If you want to connect more than one Amazon account to your Helium 10 Account, you can do this under your Helium 10 member dashboard's Connected Seller Accounts window. Sign into Helium 10. From the Dashboard, click on your member icon in the top right corner, and go to Connected Accounts in the drop-down menu.


22. In the Connect your Seller Accounts window, follow the directions in the first section of this tutorial.

23. If you have multiple accounts, you may want to give each account an Alias name. Because the Amazon ID numbers are long alphanumeric strings, an Alias name can help you quickly identify which account you have selected while you are using the tools.

 V. Disconnecting Your MWS or PPC Token

24. To disconnect either an MWS token or PPC token, sign into Helium 10 and go to your Connected Accounts window. 


25. Inside each active token button, in the bottom right corner, you will see a red trash bin icon. If you click on it,  Helium 10 will disconnect the token.


26. You will need to click through two confirmation windows, and then you will see that the token is no longer connected. The process works the same for the MWS and the PPC Token. To re-connect the token at a later time, simply follow the instructions above for connecting the different tokens.


Next, authorize Helium 10's Follow-Up tool.



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