How Do I Master Helium 10? Access the PRO Training Videos

Helium 10 wants your profits--not your frustration--to soar. That's why we invest in multiple ways to help you succeed as an Amazon seller using the Helium 10 tools.

When you find powerful tools like Helium 10, it's wonderful because of all the things the tools can do for you, but learning to navigate all that potential can feel overwhelming at the start.

Take a deep breath, pour yourself something to drink, and relax. Most of our videos are short and designed for you to watch them at your convenience. Watch one video or several in a sitting, depending on your schedule. Pick and choose which tool you want to master first, or use our suggested sequence. We've organized our PRO Training videos in a recommended sequence, and posted that order on our website. 

1. To get started, go to the Helium 10 website.


2. Click on the Resources menu located in the top tool bar.


3. Click on PRO Training Videos to link to the PRO Training page.


4. Helium 10 recommends that you begin your training by watching the video(s) for the Xray Chrome Extension. To find the link, scan down the PRO Training page until you see the Xray infographic.


5. To link to the Xray PRO Training videos, click on the blue text in the section heading that reads: "Helium 10 Chrome Extension."


6. The Xray overview video will appear at the top of the new page. Click on the "play" button to start the video. After you watch the video, you can either click on the "Continue to Black Box" link above the video to move on to the overview video for the next tool, or you can continue learning about Xray by scanning down the page and watching the additional Xray videos available on the site.


7. To move on to another tool's videos, you can go back to the main PRO Training video page at any time, scan down that page and see links to each of the tools. 


8. Click on the tool title inside the box to link to the videos available for that tool. The top video is usually our suggested introductory video for that tool.


9. Again, you can scan down and watch additional videos on this tool, or you can move forward to the next suggested tool, or you can return again to the main PRO Training page to choose another tool's training videos.


10. Helium 10 also maintains a Helium 10 YouTube channel where you can access hundreds of helpful videos.


11. Finally, if you want to become an advanced user, we recommend subscribing and listening to our Serious Sellers Podcast (previously AM/PM Podcast) where we regularly cover updates, new tools, and the best ways to use Helium 10 to build and grow your Amazon seller business.


Invest just ten to twenty minutes a day, one day at a time, and you'll quickly become an expert Amazon seller using Helium 10 Tools and resources. In the long run, Helium 10 will save you time.


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