Tutorial: How to Use Black Box's Keywords Tab to Search for Potential Products to Sell



Black Box's Keywords search goes beyond identifying potential products to sell. It's an essential tool for finding a specific product to sell that customers are looking to buy, but few merchants are selling. 

1. Log into Helium 10 and open Black Box. Click on the Keywords tab to access the feature's options.


2. Not sure what each search option means? Keywords includes helpful explanations for each criteria. Just hover your mouse over the little question mark in the circle and a brief explanation appears.


3. If you want to control the parameters of Amazon's customer search volume, you set it within the first option, titled Search Volume. Let's look for a product that has a high demand, based on lots of people looking for the product during the previous 30 days.


4. To limit the range of income earned by products in the search results, fill in one or both of the range numbers in Monthly Revenue.


5. Set the price range for the product you're interested in searching under the Price criteria. 


6. If you want to find products with a specific range of reviews and review ratings, set the limits in the Review Count and Review Rating fields.


7. As longer listing titles become common in response to search engine formulas, you may want to research products with longer or shorter titles, using Black Box Keywords' Word Count criteria.


8. Selecting specific categories to search within helps ensure the results volume is reasonable with enough data to analyze.


9. This specific Keywords search in the Sports & Outdoors and Toys & Games categories produces a limited number of words and phrases to review: 42.



10. The initial results don't prioritize an organization pattern for the list, so you may want to use the sorting drop down menu above the list to sort the list to suit your research purposes. 


11. If you sort by Search Volume, you can identify which of the list terms was organically searched the most by customers in the previous 30 days. 


12. Now the results list is sorted from the highest search volume to the lowest within the search parameters.


13. Inside the search results for each phrase, Keywords details key top selling product information.


14. Black Box makes it easy to continue your research on the search results, both within Black Box tools and on Amazon itself. Under the Action column, simply click on the ellipsis (the three dots) to open the options. You can link out to Amazon's product results page for the phrase, or you can link to and run Magnet to do additional research on the phrase.


15. Clicking on View on Amazon brings up the general search results page for the phrase.


16. Click on Run Magnet to import the phrase to Black Box's Magnet tool for additional analysis.


17. Finally, for more help related to using Black Box's product keyword search function, watch our PRO Training videos on the Helium 10 website




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