Tutorial: How to Use Black Box's Products Tab to Search for New Products to Sell


As a private seller on Amazon, you need profitable products to sell. Discovering a product that customers want to buy means doing thorough research. Black Box makes that research fast and easy.

Discovering and choosing the ideal product to sell at the right time is critical to your success. Unfortunately, launching a product in an overcrowded market, against established best sellers holding the Amazon Buy Box, requires time and money in order to become competitive. Maybe too much time and money. But launching a product in an underserved area, or in which only a few selling products are currently available, can increase your own sales significantly. Helium 10's Black Box Tool helps you gather the necessary data to make effective business decisions about what kinds of products to sell.

The first way to search for a potential product is by using the Products Search function inside Black Box.

1. Log into Helium 10 and open Black Box. Click on the Products tab (the default setting).


2. To conduct your research, you will need to choose criteria based on the types of products you are interested in selling. The natural, first option is to decide on an Amazon Category you want to sell in.


3. Next, you'll want to set basic parameters concerning price range, size, sales and ratings. 


4. When you've selected the criteria for your search, you click on the Search button and Black Box runs your report. 


5. You can run the results based on this simple selection of criteria, but it will likely return results in such high volume, that many products in the category will not be included, because Helium 10 only shows the top 200 matches, leaving out tens of thousands of other products within the category. To avoid this outcome, you'll want to limit your search with additional criteria that suits your individual seller requirements.


6. By further narrowing your search options inside Black Box, you can refine your results.


7. Advanced Filters allows you to further refine your search for a product.


8. You may discover that you want to exclude certain types of products from the new search results. You can easily eliminate products by adding their key title words into the Exclude Title Keywords line under Advanced Filters.


9. When Black Box completes a search, it provides lots of data and information about the most relevant products to your search. 


10. The Actions column lets you either save the listing into a separate file, or takes you to the Amazon product page. On the product page, for example, you can see the other sellers for this product.


11. From the product page, you can click through to get more information about the sellers. 



12. Remember, if you want to keep your research results to review later at another time, you can save them as a project in Black Box


13. Once you click on the Save Project button, a window pops up asking you to type in a name to save the project under. If you plan on saving a lot of projects, you may want to name it with the item name and the date of the search.


14. Name your project and click OK; a confirmation window will appear. 


15. To access your saved projects, simply click on the Load Project button.


16. To find out what other private Amazon sellers use the Products search tab in Black Box to research, check out the short Black Box LEARN videos.





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