How Do I Navigate the Main Helium 10 Tools Dashboard?


When you first open Helium 10’s main dashboard, you’ll see there are multiple ways to access the software and support tools.

1. Helium 10’s tools can be accessed through the center screen, from the left side toolbar and/or the top menu. The Profits and Follow-Up tools, along with the Freedom Ticket training videos, are accessed solely through the top menu bar. 


2. To see the full name of each tool on the left toolbar, hover your cursor over the bar, and more details will pop out.


3. To return to this main Helium 10 tools page at any time, click on the Tools icon in the top menu on the left.


4. You can rearrange the boxed tool links in the center of the screen to your preference. Just click on a tile, drag and drop it over another box to shift the tiles.


5. Additional data appears on the dashboard once you start using some of the tools. For example, the Alerts box will display information about any possible hijacked products.


6. Also, in the top toolbar, you can click on a direct link to your lists in Black Box, or see recent additions to Alerts.


7. Sign out of the members area of Helium 10 or access your profile from the drop-down menu under the user icon in the top right toolbar.


8. Helium 10 offers a variety of ways to access support from the member dashboard. You can access Helium 10 PRO Training videos from our main dashboard (and the Helium 10 website).


9. You can join our active online community of Helium 10 users on our Facebook page.


10. Finally, you can contact our support agents who read, research and respond to your queries. Main_Dashboard_Support_Access.png



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