Tutorial: How to Use Misspellinator to Increase Product Visibility in Customers' Organic Search Results


Customers sometimes misspell or mistype words, while searching for products to buy on Amazon. The easy-to-use Misspellinator tool effectively finds these creatively spelled "words." Helium 10 subscribers can then capitalize on these commonly searched misspellings associated with their product(s) by adding the misspellings to the backend data for their relevant listings, ultimately increasing the chance that their product will come up on the search results when a customer accidentally misspells a key word.

  1. To use Misspellinator, log into your Helium 10 account so you can see the main dashboard. Misspellinator is located in the menu on the left, near the bottom. Select the Misspellinator tool.Misspellinator_1.png

  2. Two boxes will appear: Original keywords and Prepared keywords.Misspellinator_2.png

  3. Type the word(s) you want to research in the Original keywords box on the left and click on the Prepare button at the bottom of the Original keywords box.Misspellinator_3.png

  4. The word(s) will now appear in the adjacent Prepared keywords box to the right.Misspellinator_4.png

  5. Check the box(es) of the word(s) you want Misspellinator to research. Now, click on the Find Misspellings button at the bottom of the Prepared keywords box.

  6. A new window will appear with Misspellinator’s results.Misspellinator_5.png

  7. Now, you can either copy or export the misspelled words for listing optimization using Frankenstein and/or Scribbles.Misspellinator_6.pngFor additional training on Misspellinator, go to the Helium 10 YouTube channel for a tutorial.


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